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Teen Acne Treatments

Teen Acne occurs in the puberty period among the teens as a result of the excessive production of sebum

Occurrence of acne
Acne is a skin disease more common in teens. Even it may be the fear of many teens. The symptoms like black heads, whiteheads, and lesions are common among teens in the puberty period. It is normal, if it persists to a certain period and probably would have a big impact, if it continues even after the puberty period. It ordinarily appears on the face, neck and chest.
Teen Acne Treatments

Teen desperation
Sometimes lesions occur which is painful and austere. It is not only the physical pain for teens but psychologically it affects them in a negative way. The so call puberty period is the age between eleven and fourteen. It may continue the whole teen cycle and sometimes in the beginning stages of adulthood also.

If acne is severe it would affect the teen’s both physical and mental health.
It gives psychologically ill feeling and traumatic pain that obstruct him/her from doing things. They lose their confidence, self-esteem and vigorousness.

Effects of Teen Acne
- Social withdrawal
- Low self-esteem
- Apathy
- Wrath
- Mentally sick feeling
- Discouragement

It is a thing that needs to be addressed instantly notwithstanding that creates a traumatic pain in the whole life of the teen. If it is left free, the teens feel abhorrent and ugly and punish themselves for being dirty. It is very important for the parents to know this in prior and bring forth a solution.

Many teens feel shy and filled with despair and even fear to go out to the social meetings, peer groups and any other activities largely due to the very reason of being infected with acne and the possible humiliation they have to face. They think that they will be embarrassed by their peers and also creating a feeling that acne onslaught them due to the reason of being ugly and dirty. Lack of enthusiasm deters them in every work and putting an impediment for their growth.

Solutions for Teen Acne
It is better to prevent acne from occurring rather than taking medicines and treatments to recover from it. Here are some of the things which teens should follow:

  • Wash your face at least twice a day

  • Do not pick up the spots as it may worsens the spots and spread along

  • Avoid using the oily products and chemicals

  • Use water based skin products

  • Use soaps and gels (good if it is herbal) regularly
    Some of the products like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid which helps in unplugging the pores and protects the skin from the dirt.

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