Research on Treatments for Acne

Research on treatments for acne has been tremendously improved and brought significant outputs

Treatments for acne are no more the same 10 years before. Research on treatments for acne is considerably improved and gave a valuable knowledge to us in dealing with the acne. It ultimately resulted in new acne therapies and enhancement in existing ones. Constant research on this field really helped the dermatologists and especially patients in helping to or getting off this skin disease.
Research on Treatments for Acne

Domination of Combine Treatments
Some time before the topical retinoid was used as a treatment which resulted in many side effects like soreness, red spots, skin peel off etc. But with the advent of new technology and treatments it helped dramatically in the mending of acne. In the present scenario combination treatments are very common and it is effective too. It helps to combat against the factors which causing acne expeditiously.

Now-a-days it is common; we see dermatologists give combine medications to patients for fast recovery and great resolution. Also the oral contraceptives took a plunge in the recent times. Many women still prefer to take oral medications which in present time available in low doses are generally effectual and well tolerated. In order to increase the tolerance level of combination therapy, new retinoid called ‘adapalene’ which is used usually for a short period of time or in the form of consuming medications on alternative days.

Research is still on
Research on finding new treatment methods are still on and new therapies has been introduced in the recent times. Many laser and light treatments are well known today and their long run effects are unknown. So people still reluctant to go there and also it’s expensive. This would be a better alternative if the traditional methods failed to work.

Molecular research helps the dermatologists in finding out the cause of the occurrence of acne and how it could be stopped. Some new approaches are under consideration which can be used in moistening the immune system’s rejoinder to pimples and pustules which can dilute inflammation.

Studies Conducted and Some Interesting Facts
In a study conducted by Glasgow Alumni among more than eleven thousand students revealed that the most of the acne sufferers are non-smokers. They were checked for their medical history. An interesting fact have been found is that those who suffer from acne have low risk of heart disease but at the same time they have higher risk of caner. This is attributed to the fact of the male sex hormone activity during the puberty period which causes acne guards against the heart disease.

Studies also indicate that the acne developed teen starts to feel the family, friends and outsiders are directly or indirectly mocking or pointing out he/she have acne and starts to have ill feeling towards them. This leads to the family conflicts, disagreement in the friendship and many other problems. It leads to a lot of emotional and mental stress and they ponder over this for long time thus creates a self-destruction for them.

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