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Hormonal Treatments for Acne

Hormonal treatment prevents the initial harmful effect of acne on the skin and is used widely for women

Hormonal treatments are quite effective than the other treatments and fortunately it works if the others failed. It has been long approved by the dermatologists to be an effective treatment for women, no matter how severe acne is. Oral contraceptives are a part of the treatment. Hormonal treatment prevents the initial harmful effect of acne on the skin. Some of the oral contraceptives in the treatment are
- Alesse
- Tri-cyclen
- Yasmin
- Diane
Hormonal Treatments for Acne

The addition of the contraceptives which works in countervailing the testosterone results in the clear skin.

Hormonal Treatment and Suggestions
It blocks the stimulating effect of androgen's thus preventing acne from occurring. But because of the lesser knowledge in hormonal treatments and few specialists in this field puts it at the back foot and also it requires the blood test and medications. Suppose if someone having persistent acne who seeks the help of physician, it is advised to go the expert who is good in dealing with female hormones for acne. There is no necessity that all of them who deal with female hormones work with acne. But, this is an effective treatment which clears the skin countervailing the hormonal cause of acne.

If none of the methods worked for you, hormonal treatments works. It is always better and effective as it clears even a troublesome cyst persisted for years with a properly planned and conducted treatment. If a pimple is much larger and does not find a cure by other treatments, dermatologists apply cortisone in the form of injection to flatten the pimple. This injection although has mild side effects like whitening of the skin around the injected area, proved quite effective in dropping the pimple.

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