Birth Control Pills as a Solution to Acne

Birth control pills or contraceptives acts efficiently in controlling acne particularly used by women

Acne is not only prevalent in teens but also among the adults. Particularly women who crossed their age of 30 still suffers the occurrence of acne and they feel disheartened that they heave to bear it till the rest of the life. This is what called as ‘adult’ acne. They do not have to think so.
Birth Control Pills as a Solution to Acne

Birth control pills or contraceptives come as a handy solution. Many of the women do not realize that the cause is the hormonal imbalances which can be controlled by using contraceptive pills.

How does it work?
Birth control pills or contraceptives reduce the androgen present in the body which induces the excessive oil production. The lesser the androgen presents the greater the healthiness of the skin. One cannot expect a quick result as it would take two to three months to work on it and the result would be significant. Another question arises here, what happen if the pills had worked out extraordinarily and prevented the breakout? It still works on the scarring trace appeared on the skin and try to remove the blemishes.

One cannot blame it on anyone. Whatever the treatment is, however effective it may be, it is always aided with the negative side also. The side effects are significant and Oral contraceptives have its own side effects in the pregnant women. Some of the side effects are pointed out here.
- Diabetes
- Breast cancer
- Heart disorders
- Osteoporosis
- Liver problems

However hazardous it may be, not everyone will develop themselves these serious side effects. The lighter side of the effects includes
- Migraines
- Allergy
- Depression
- Vaginal bleeding
- Urinary infection

Owing to this reason it is better to consult with the health care provider before consuming the contraceptive pills. It is advisable to have a complete discussion with the doctor for the effective result.

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