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Acne Prevention Treatments

Prevention of acne is better than cure regulated by good diet and hygiene

Occurrence of acne
Acne starts to appear on the skin during the puberty period for most of the teens and affects according to the skin conditions. Some appears like small red spots and some are filled with pus cysts. Excessive production of sebum in the oil glands results in the formation of pimples.
Acne Prevention Treatments

Causes of acne
Thinking about the ways to control can would be adept than trying out ways to cure it. Rooting for the causes of acne can be imputed to the facts like inheritance, genetics, hormones stimulation, androgen and some of the factors like stress, sweat and use of chemical substances, products which induces oil production etc. Diet and dirt has no intercourse with the disease but the regular use of caffeine, milk products would do the harm and may aggravate it.

Prevention measures
Acne prevention can be started from the basic things like keeping oneself clean and taking proper diet. Hygienic factors and regular cleaning routine keeps one away from acne. Some people use a lot of chemical substance in the name of make up and hair decoration leads to disastrous consequences. Instead, one can simply clean their face with soaps daily so that the skin will be free of dirt and dust particles and it breathes naturally.

Hygiene doesn’t meant to be only the cosmetics but the regular cleaning of face and other parts of body as a daily routine like before going to bed, after exercises, after slogging day work etc., with the soaps, herbal creams etc. which does not have a risky effect and protects the skin from bacteria and its growth in skin.

Intake of adequate water is another factor which helps in controlling acne. Stress is one of the important factors which lead to acne. It can be controlled by involving in meditation, yoga, vacations, spa etc. There are many acne prevention treatments which can be followed but it is advised to consult the physician before following it.

Use of Germicidal Products in Acne Treatments
Germicidal products contain benzoyl peroxide which is used to control or moderate acne. It is available in the form of gel or cream which can be used by applying in the affected region twice daily. Benzoyl peroxide prevents the new lesions from occurring by killing acnes creating bacterium.

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