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Oily Skin Acne Treatments

Oily skin people are more prone to acne and avoiding acne from occurring is the best way to tackle

Occurrence of Acne
Oily skin people are more prone to the occurrence of acne and the secretion of oil in the oil glands known as sebum causes the acne to occur. Particularly oily skin people should take much care in the prevention of acne. Acne not only occurs in the teens but also common among the adults.
Oily Skin Acne Treatments

Importance of keeping skin free from oil
Many people might have tried out many options relentlessly but could not manage to find out a solution. They are tired of using a product to remove the oiliness that ends in dry skin again to moisten it a product is used. So it is never-ending. What is the solution? Choosing the good products is the only choice one can control and prevent the re-occurrence of acne.

There are a lot of products available in the market to control acne. But not all is successful and original. Instead of improving the skin conditions it may aggravate it. Some established brands are listed below.

This is an intensive blemish care treatment which clears the acne pimples and break outs with no irritation and dry skin. Skin conditions improvement can be seen in 2 -3 days. It plays a major role in cleansing the acne blemishes on the skin. Application of one drop of Neova Acne care on the breakouts is enough for a day.

Murad offers exfoliating acne gel which works fine on the skin and prevents future breakouts from occurring. Clear skin can be promised by applying this gel. It reduces the oil, prevents acne pimples from occurring. It contains Glycolic acid and chamomile which helps to soothe the skin and prevents the breakouts.

iS Clinical
iS a clinical serum control the acne and works well on the wrinkles and textures and soothes the skin. This serum is suitable for the aging and acne prone skin. It contains d glycolic acid and lactic acid which exfoliates the layer of the skin. It is light weight and causes smoothness.

Soft foam Deep Cleanse
Soft Foam Cleanse system from doctor D. Schwab is a soap free mild product which works well on the skin and soothes it. It is a blending of liquid and oxygen which is necessary for the smooth and dirt free skin.

Herbal Toner
Herbal toner is also from Doctor D Schwab which refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. The herbal extracts gives a delicate and fine skin also helps in protecting the outer layer from the dirt particles. It revitalizes the pores of the skin and keeps it balanced and cleaner.

Teen Acne Treatments

Teen Acne occurs in the puberty period among the teens as a result of the excessive production of sebum

Occurrence of acne
Acne is a skin disease more common in teens. Even it may be the fear of many teens. The symptoms like black heads, whiteheads, and lesions are common among teens in the puberty period. It is normal, if it persists to a certain period and probably would have a big impact, if it continues even after the puberty period. It ordinarily appears on the face, neck and chest.
Teen Acne Treatments

Teen desperation
Sometimes lesions occur which is painful and austere. It is not only the physical pain for teens but psychologically it affects them in a negative way. The so call puberty period is the age between eleven and fourteen. It may continue the whole teen cycle and sometimes in the beginning stages of adulthood also.

If acne is severe it would affect the teen’s both physical and mental health.
It gives psychologically ill feeling and traumatic pain that obstruct him/her from doing things. They lose their confidence, self-esteem and vigorousness.

Effects of Teen Acne
- Social withdrawal
- Low self-esteem
- Apathy
- Wrath
- Mentally sick feeling
- Discouragement

It is a thing that needs to be addressed instantly notwithstanding that creates a traumatic pain in the whole life of the teen. If it is left free, the teens feel abhorrent and ugly and punish themselves for being dirty. It is very important for the parents to know this in prior and bring forth a solution.

Many teens feel shy and filled with despair and even fear to go out to the social meetings, peer groups and any other activities largely due to the very reason of being infected with acne and the possible humiliation they have to face. They think that they will be embarrassed by their peers and also creating a feeling that acne onslaught them due to the reason of being ugly and dirty. Lack of enthusiasm deters them in every work and putting an impediment for their growth.

Solutions for Teen Acne
It is better to prevent acne from occurring rather than taking medicines and treatments to recover from it. Here are some of the things which teens should follow:

  • Wash your face at least twice a day

  • Do not pick up the spots as it may worsens the spots and spread along

  • Avoid using the oily products and chemicals

  • Use water based skin products

  • Use soaps and gels (good if it is herbal) regularly
    Some of the products like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid which helps in unplugging the pores and protects the skin from the dirt.

Best Acne Treatments

Best acne treatments are the treatments considered as effective for its short duration and result orientation

Occurrence of acne
Acne develops mostly in the puberty period among the teens and is considered as a normal thing in most of the teens’ life. In some cases it extends to in the adulthood called Adult acne. It occurs due to the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that produces sebum to moisten the skin. If it excretes more oil and the sebum in the hair follicles gets plugged unnaturally and finds no way to excrete.
Best Acne Treatments

Best Acne Treatments
People go for many acne treatments which are available in the market but the question is whether every one of them is effective and result producing. The answer lies in the carefully chosen medical treatments. One of the frequently chosen treatments is as follows:

ProActiv is the ultimate solution for the ones who have failed in all their efforts to get free of acne. ProActiv is a skin cleanser works finely on the skin and rejuvenates it.
Benzoyl peroxide is the active content which enables it to fight against the bacteria and causing particles.

Accutane comes in the form of prescription which has the ability to cleanse the dirt particles and fight against bacteria. It is suitable for even the severe form of the acne. Pregnancy women are advised not to take this Accutane as it may end in birth defects. It may result in dry lips and liver dysfunction.

Retin-A is one of the successful acne medications used widely for the acne, acne scars, blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation. It is available in the form of prescriptions and some of the over-the-counter medications also have Retin-A.

Neutrogena Oil-free Acne control
Neutrogena Oil-free Acne control is a 3 way acne controller priced reasonably contains salicylic acid which treats acne by breaking the plugged pores and molting dead cells. The advantage of this lies in the natural contents does not produce any irritation and contains anti-oxidants, light and moistens the skin to rejuvenate it. The ingredients like Aloe Vera, green tea and cucumber aids in the softness and soothes redness on the skin.

Some of the natural treatments for acne also considered as effective like tea tree oil, lavender extracts, rosewood oil etc. It is prudent to go for the natural acne treatments like tea tree oil on the priority as it poses no danger and side effects.

Lack of Vitamin B5 might be one of the reasons for acne because it impacts the role of hormones. Adequate addition of vitamin B5 reduces or minimizes the production of oil and helps to alleviate acne. Commonly people used to take vitamin supplements in the form of capsules or tablets.

Sun Flower Oil
Herbal and natural products are always safe and effective in use. Sun flower oil is the natural element which is rich in Vitamins is essential for a healthy looking skin and is suitable for many types of skin soreness which includes acne.
It is derived from the plant of sunflower and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E. Especially the vitamin E acts as a soother on the skin and makes it gentle.

Laser Treatments
Laser treatments are also viewed as one of the best options for its time duration and effectiveness in controlling acne but it’s costly. People should decide which treatment suits them best by consulting with the dermatologist.

Birth Control Pills as a Solution to Acne

Birth control pills or contraceptives acts efficiently in controlling acne particularly used by women

Acne is not only prevalent in teens but also among the adults. Particularly women who crossed their age of 30 still suffers the occurrence of acne and they feel disheartened that they heave to bear it till the rest of the life. This is what called as ‘adult’ acne. They do not have to think so.
Birth Control Pills as a Solution to Acne

Birth control pills or contraceptives come as a handy solution. Many of the women do not realize that the cause is the hormonal imbalances which can be controlled by using contraceptive pills.

How does it work?
Birth control pills or contraceptives reduce the androgen present in the body which induces the excessive oil production. The lesser the androgen presents the greater the healthiness of the skin. One cannot expect a quick result as it would take two to three months to work on it and the result would be significant. Another question arises here, what happen if the pills had worked out extraordinarily and prevented the breakout? It still works on the scarring trace appeared on the skin and try to remove the blemishes.

One cannot blame it on anyone. Whatever the treatment is, however effective it may be, it is always aided with the negative side also. The side effects are significant and Oral contraceptives have its own side effects in the pregnant women. Some of the side effects are pointed out here.
- Diabetes
- Breast cancer
- Heart disorders
- Osteoporosis
- Liver problems

However hazardous it may be, not everyone will develop themselves these serious side effects. The lighter side of the effects includes
- Migraines
- Allergy
- Depression
- Vaginal bleeding
- Urinary infection

Owing to this reason it is better to consult with the health care provider before consuming the contraceptive pills. It is advisable to have a complete discussion with the doctor for the effective result.

Scar Removal: Acne Treatment for the More Severe Cases

Acne generally leaves scars that are quite difficult to get rid off. This usually stems from the chronic nature of the skin disease. The most prevalent type of acne scar is the ice-pick scars that are characteristically crater-like in shape and may often appear on the face, shoulders, arms and the buttocks.

However, there are methods that have now been developed for removing and smoothening the scars left by acne depending on the health condition, age and severity of the acne-inflicted skin tissues.
Scar Removal: Acne Treatment for the More Severe Cases

Typically, the mildest form of acne that afflicts most people does not leave scars but if it does, they will usually heal over time. However, acne scars left by Nodulycystic acne may leave scars that are deep-seated in the skin tissue.

Moreover, there are skin pigmentation's that may appear like scars but in actuality, are scar-related spots. Macules are pseudo-scars that may be caused by inflamed acne abrasions.

It is the final stage in the healing process of any inflamed acne lesions, which appears like flat, red spots. Macules may take some time before they completely disappear; nonetheless they don’t leave any traces behind once they vanish.

There are two categories of acne scars when the basis of grouping is the shape of the tissue. There is the scar that consists of increased skin tissue and one type, which is characterized by decrease in the tissue. The overgrowth in scar tissue is termed as Keloids, which is of African-American origin while the more common form is the ice-pick scar.

Who is eligible for acne scar removal? This is first determined by a doctor on the basis of your health status. It is important that you are not presently affected by diseases of any sort. If you have pre-existing unhealthy conditions, you might be declined for further procedures.

Once you are considered qualified, the doctor may still delay your operation if acne flares up during this period.

Your scheduled treatment may be moved forward until the pre-existing acne condition disappears or until the possibility of contamination with other body parts is now under control.

If however this condition persists, your doctor may give you medication as a preparation for your acne treatment.

It is important to note that doctors consider some acne scars as being totally irremovable. The skin of the acne-afflicted patient may not recover the skin he or she had before the onset of the skin disease. Still, it is likely to yield substantial improvement.

Dermatologists have developed several methods of lessening acne scars and in certain cases; these may also help in complete scar removal:
  • A doctor may remove the skin’s top layers using an abrasive instrument called as electric sander. This method, dermabrasion, leaves the skin smooth and healthy after a period of reddening.
  • Another method of removing scars is the punch grafts. Small patches of the skin from another body part are implanted in the deep holes made by the acne scars. Usually, the skin that will be transplanted will come from the ear lobe or the upper part of the thigh, depending on the amount of skin needed.
  • If the condition of the acne scar is not severe, doctors usually recommend chemical peels. The chemical, after removing the top layers of the skin will allow a regeneration of the skin tissue on the affected area.
  • Collagen are also used to replace severely damaged or destroyed pores and cells, collagen are generally injected into the skin.
  • There exist other methods of acne scars treatments. Some of which are laser treatment, steroid injection and plastic surgery for severe cases.

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Acne Treatment Cost

Acne treatment cost would vary heavily upon the treatment chosen and the duration of it

Occurrence of Acne
Almost everyone might come across the problem of pimples called acne. Exceptions are less but the occurrence of acne is natural. It occurs in the puberty period where the Androgen hormones induces the production of sebum excessively which gets plugged in the pores unnaturally results in the lumps on the skin.
Acne Treatment Cost

Acne Treatments
Acne treatments are plenty ranging from topical medications to antibiotics to laser treatments. The effectiveness and the time duration lie in the fact of skin conditions, proper care and the severity. There are also many products available in the form of gels, creams and lotions. Dermatologist’s advice should be complied in the case of using these products.

Cost of acne treatments
Cost of Acne treatment varies for treatment to treatment. Usually the topical medications, oral antibiotics and some other medications in the form of capsules, injections and other things would cost lesser than the costly treatments like laser and light treatments.

The average cost of laser treatment anytime between 15-20 minutes costs us $500 to $ 600. Dermabrasion is one of the treatments which costs anywhere around $1000. Skin resurfacing is the costliest as it requires $ 2500 to $3000. These treatments can be considered quite costly but the result it yields is quicker and better comparing to the other treatments.

Irrespective of the above said things each and every treatment has its own withdrawals or side effects which have to be taken into consideration. In the case of laser treatments, burns, skin redness may occur due to the intense power of laser and heat and skin conditions. Chances are less although it is a thing for concern.

The cost varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. But there won’t be big difference. Acne products also come in various packs in the form of creams, gels and lotions. It may extend to a month or two as the application period and the price range is matching to that. It may fall between $40 and $ 60 for a month’s pack and it varies for the brands.

Research on Treatments for Acne

Research on treatments for acne has been tremendously improved and brought significant outputs

Treatments for acne are no more the same 10 years before. Research on treatments for acne is considerably improved and gave a valuable knowledge to us in dealing with the acne. It ultimately resulted in new acne therapies and enhancement in existing ones. Constant research on this field really helped the dermatologists and especially patients in helping to or getting off this skin disease.
Research on Treatments for Acne

Domination of Combine Treatments
Some time before the topical retinoid was used as a treatment which resulted in many side effects like soreness, red spots, skin peel off etc. But with the advent of new technology and treatments it helped dramatically in the mending of acne. In the present scenario combination treatments are very common and it is effective too. It helps to combat against the factors which causing acne expeditiously.

Now-a-days it is common; we see dermatologists give combine medications to patients for fast recovery and great resolution. Also the oral contraceptives took a plunge in the recent times. Many women still prefer to take oral medications which in present time available in low doses are generally effectual and well tolerated. In order to increase the tolerance level of combination therapy, new retinoid called ‘adapalene’ which is used usually for a short period of time or in the form of consuming medications on alternative days.

Research is still on
Research on finding new treatment methods are still on and new therapies has been introduced in the recent times. Many laser and light treatments are well known today and their long run effects are unknown. So people still reluctant to go there and also it’s expensive. This would be a better alternative if the traditional methods failed to work.

Molecular research helps the dermatologists in finding out the cause of the occurrence of acne and how it could be stopped. Some new approaches are under consideration which can be used in moistening the immune system’s rejoinder to pimples and pustules which can dilute inflammation.

Studies Conducted and Some Interesting Facts
In a study conducted by Glasgow Alumni among more than eleven thousand students revealed that the most of the acne sufferers are non-smokers. They were checked for their medical history. An interesting fact have been found is that those who suffer from acne have low risk of heart disease but at the same time they have higher risk of caner. This is attributed to the fact of the male sex hormone activity during the puberty period which causes acne guards against the heart disease.

Studies also indicate that the acne developed teen starts to feel the family, friends and outsiders are directly or indirectly mocking or pointing out he/she have acne and starts to have ill feeling towards them. This leads to the family conflicts, disagreement in the friendship and many other problems. It leads to a lot of emotional and mental stress and they ponder over this for long time thus creates a self-destruction for them.

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Home Care Treatments for Acne

Home treatments mean that protecting the skin by using the skin care herbal products regularly and allowing acne to calm down naturally

The term 'Home Treatment' is a bit strange but it does imply the message of taking care of oneself from the occurrence of acne. Home treatments mean that protecting the skin by using the skin care herbal products regularly and allowing acne to calm down naturally instead of going for the different medical treatments.
Home Care Treatments for Acne

Most of the acne sufferers do not want to take admission in hospital and be taken care of. They may often consult a dermatologist to tackle the disease but as an inpatient or outpatient.

Advantages of Home Care Acne Treatment
The person who suffers acne is well aware of the causes and its impacts with overall control of the aspect in management. He self-assesses himself better than any doctor. Things like whether the treatment is required or not, what kind of treatments best suits him, which would be convenient and also be effective, to avoid using medications owing to the personal and safety reasons etc.,

Besides these things a teenager always feel more comfortable in following the own course of routine rather than the prescribed medication given by a doctor in which he may not be interested in. Also they care for themselves and more assiduous in their treatment regime by constant monitoring the improvements if they have the control over themselves instead of doctor. They hate to be inspected by a doctor because of the close physical examination which they may not like always.

Disadvantages of Home Care Acne Treatment
Although Home treatments has some good pros’ it can’t be neglected that it has cons’ too. The following are some of them.

  • The sufferers of acne must be self-controlled, scrupulous and motivated to follow the treatment planned by them.

  • Some acne sufferers find it difficult to find out the acne spots objectively and in most times they are in need of some family members’ help.

  • People following home treatments cannot have all the set of medications but only the over- the-counter acne medications. It can be only by means of prescriptions.

  • In some cases the patients is incapable of finding out the type and might be misdiagnosed. In such situations, the medications or any form of treatment may not produce fruitful results. Inversely, lack of care worsens acne and leads to risk of inflamed breakouts.

  • The chances of getting deceived by dubious brands presented by a witty marketer yields no result or produce hazardous results.

Acne Herbal Treatments

Herbal acne treatments are safe and effective and inexpensive which also rejuvenates the skin

Occurrence of Acne
Acne is a skin disease which occurs usually in the adolescence and is commonly known as pimples. It mostly occurs in the face, body, chest, upper back and the neck. Acne is common in both the sex and impacts differently depending on the skin conditions and severity. It is a break out of lesions on the skin can be in the form of black heads, whiteheads, pustules, papules and zits.
Acne Herbal Treatments

Importance of Acne Herbal Treatment
Acne can be controlled if it is identified and treated at the earlier stage. Use of different medications may yield good results. But the use of lotions and creams may not go well with everyone always. Herbal products are safe and have an effective result on the skin. Many cosmetics products which contain chemicals may be used but continuous usage leads to side effects.

Herbs like burdock, chamomile, lavender and many other are proved to be worked well on the skin in clearing the acne and improved skin conditions. It works by reducing the toxic levels and serve as an anti-inflammatory on the pimples.

Advantages of Acne Herbal Treatment
Herbal treatments are not only inexpensive and readily available but also it is known for its curing abilities. The following are some of the benefits of using herbals.

  • Generally herbals work by purifying the blood and hormones.

  • It helps to kill the bacteria and some infections from occurring that pollutes the blood and halts the liver from doing its function.

  • Herbals work in a way that it doesn’t affect the balance of the system but effective in killing bacteria and fungus.

  • Herbal remedies works in an efficient way that helps in improving the appearance of the skin, remove scars, cleanse the impacted area and prevent breakout.

Acne and Diet
Diet also plays a role in controlling the acne and its occurrence. Minimization of skimmed milk would suffice to prevent acne. Adding more green leafs and eating foods high in carotene like carrots, pumpkin and other fruits and vegetables would do the good.

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Acne Prevention Treatments

Prevention of acne is better than cure regulated by good diet and hygiene

Occurrence of acne
Acne starts to appear on the skin during the puberty period for most of the teens and affects according to the skin conditions. Some appears like small red spots and some are filled with pus cysts. Excessive production of sebum in the oil glands results in the formation of pimples.
Acne Prevention Treatments

Causes of acne
Thinking about the ways to control can would be adept than trying out ways to cure it. Rooting for the causes of acne can be imputed to the facts like inheritance, genetics, hormones stimulation, androgen and some of the factors like stress, sweat and use of chemical substances, products which induces oil production etc. Diet and dirt has no intercourse with the disease but the regular use of caffeine, milk products would do the harm and may aggravate it.

Prevention measures
Acne prevention can be started from the basic things like keeping oneself clean and taking proper diet. Hygienic factors and regular cleaning routine keeps one away from acne. Some people use a lot of chemical substance in the name of make up and hair decoration leads to disastrous consequences. Instead, one can simply clean their face with soaps daily so that the skin will be free of dirt and dust particles and it breathes naturally.

Hygiene doesn’t meant to be only the cosmetics but the regular cleaning of face and other parts of body as a daily routine like before going to bed, after exercises, after slogging day work etc., with the soaps, herbal creams etc. which does not have a risky effect and protects the skin from bacteria and its growth in skin.

Intake of adequate water is another factor which helps in controlling acne. Stress is one of the important factors which lead to acne. It can be controlled by involving in meditation, yoga, vacations, spa etc. There are many acne prevention treatments which can be followed but it is advised to consult the physician before following it.

Use of Germicidal Products in Acne Treatments
Germicidal products contain benzoyl peroxide which is used to control or moderate acne. It is available in the form of gel or cream which can be used by applying in the affected region twice daily. Benzoyl peroxide prevents the new lesions from occurring by killing acnes creating bacterium.

Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser Treatments are considered quite effective for its quick recovery from acne regardless of the cost

Laser treatments are widely used in the recent days. It is used to remove some of the scars, birth marks and removing unwanted hairs. It is also used in the treatment of acne, a disease which causes pimple or cyst on the skin with a red mark sometimes.Laser treatments were not that influential in the past. But the advancement of technology and the number of specialists now available makes it special in the curing of acne and related diseases.
Laser Treatment for Acne

Patients who undergone the laser treatment who suffered from painful lesions and scars has relieved from that and got a good improvement in the scars and the reduction in sebum which is the primary cause for the pimples and blackheads. Some Caucasians and ethnic groups are liable to the loss of pigmentation on the skin because of the scarring of acne. Laser technology provides them the solution in bringing the color and the natural substances back.

People suffering from acne have deep pits and cavity on their skin can also get the solution by laser treatment called laser ‘resurfacing’. By using this treatment one can fill up the cavities of the skin. Many doctors suggesting the laser treatment as the best alternative to the use of antibiotics as that takes a long time period to cure and the cost involved in both of these cases quite more or less the same.

Since lasers involve the intensified light sources that might cause an external damage to the skin and probably create a spot and dry skin in the long term. The treatment is quite expensive also. These factors might make the people goes for a laser treatment to think.

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Natural Acne Treatments

Natural acne treatments are efficient because of the natural ingredients and it does not pose side effects Occurrence of Acne

Acne is a skin disease which is commonly seen in the teens during the puberty period. This is due to the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands which results in sebum in the hair follicles that keeps the skin moist. In usual cases the old cells die and are shed off. But in cases where the skin pores gets plugged and leaves no room for dead cells to molt. It leads to the formation of pimples.
Natural Acne Treatments

Importance of Natural Acne Treatments
Natural acne treatments are considered to be effective because of the reason it has natural ingredients which does not pose any danger to the skin coupled with the curing abilities makes it the best treatment. Many chemical substances in the form of lotions and creams may not work well with everyone and also it aggravates the acne to worse.

Uses of Natural acne Treatments
Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is considered as the effective alternative solution to topical and over-the-counter medications. It contains the terpenoids which is a antiseptic and has the anti-bacterial ability to fight against the acne. Because of its ability to kill bacteria it minimizes the occurrence of acne. It has its historical story as well. It was used widely for the burns, cuts and infections by the ancient Aussies.

Zinc is another common home remedy for acne and it was proved to be somewhat effective. But Antibiotic medications are preferred over this. In case of scarring zinc may not be the best option. Also it contains some side effects like upset in the digestive system and some eccentric taste in the mouth.

Lack of Vitamin B5 might be one of the reasons for acne because it impacts the role of hormones. Adequate addition of vitamin B5 reduces or minimizes the production of oil and helps to alleviate acne. Commonly people used to take vitamin supplements in the form of capsules or tablets.

Use of Sun Flower Oil in Treating Acne
Herbal and natural products are always safe and effective in use. Sun flower oil is the natural element which is rich in Vitamins is essential for a healthy looking skin and is suitable for many types of skin soreness which includes acne.

It is derived from the plant of sunflower and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E. Especially the vitamin E acts as a soother on the skin and makes it gentle.

Hormonal Treatments for Acne

Hormonal treatment prevents the initial harmful effect of acne on the skin and is used widely for women

Hormonal treatments are quite effective than the other treatments and fortunately it works if the others failed. It has been long approved by the dermatologists to be an effective treatment for women, no matter how severe acne is. Oral contraceptives are a part of the treatment. Hormonal treatment prevents the initial harmful effect of acne on the skin. Some of the oral contraceptives in the treatment are
- Alesse
- Tri-cyclen
- Yasmin
- Diane
Hormonal Treatments for Acne

The addition of the contraceptives which works in countervailing the testosterone results in the clear skin.

Hormonal Treatment and Suggestions
It blocks the stimulating effect of androgen's thus preventing acne from occurring. But because of the lesser knowledge in hormonal treatments and few specialists in this field puts it at the back foot and also it requires the blood test and medications. Suppose if someone having persistent acne who seeks the help of physician, it is advised to go the expert who is good in dealing with female hormones for acne. There is no necessity that all of them who deal with female hormones work with acne. But, this is an effective treatment which clears the skin countervailing the hormonal cause of acne.

If none of the methods worked for you, hormonal treatments works. It is always better and effective as it clears even a troublesome cyst persisted for years with a properly planned and conducted treatment. If a pimple is much larger and does not find a cure by other treatments, dermatologists apply cortisone in the form of injection to flatten the pimple. This injection although has mild side effects like whitening of the skin around the injected area, proved quite effective in dropping the pimple.