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what is acne and why do you get acne scars

Many people who suffer from acne rush to finding solutions to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most people are more concerned with learning how to get rid of acne without paying attention to learning more about the condition itself. However, to successfully get rid of acne, it is important to familiarize yourself with the condition. Learn what causes it and then you can learn how to get rid of it. When you look at the biological process behind the formation of acne, it is particularly hard to pinpoint exactly how it comes about or how the body produces it. However, it’s a known fact that when our skin pores become clogged that is when we get acne.
what is acne and why do you get acne scars

In normal cases, the pores on the skin are normally responsible for the production of sebum. This sebum is good for the skin. However, there may come a time when the sebum blocks the pores due to various reasons. This is one of the causes of acne. Acne break out can also occur when the dead skin cells become clogged. Normally, the clogging occurs around the pore’s tip. This means that the pores become partially blocked and any secretions from the pores are greatly hindered.

Once the pores are clogged, the conditions only gets worse with each passing day. If you have acne today, probability is that the condition actually started quite some time back. As the condition becomes worse, the bacteria start growing on the pimples. This is what causes the spread of acne. Remember, the pores are near the hair follicles. When the infection of the bacteria gets worse, the follicle may also rapture. This is clearly seen by many as the redness that appears on the skin. It also makes the skin irritable and very sensitive. This irritability and inflation will depend on the severity of the bacteria infection. It may be mild or quite severe.

Apart from the acne, there are also blackheads that can appear due to the blockage. These also appear the same way as acne, that is, when the sebum produced by the pores block them. However, this blockage is normally only partial and it leaves the surface of the pores open. The partial opening then lets in oxygen into the pores. This is what makes the sebum or oil look black. There are other instances when the pore closes up completely therefore letting no oxygen in. This is what results in white heads.

A common question that most people ask is how exactly the pores in your skin get clogged and what does the clogging. The answer to this question is that the clogging occurs due to the dead cells on the skin and also the sebum produced. This especially happens to people who have oily skins. Due to this fact, teenagers are more afflicted with the black heads, white heads and acne. This is because during teen years, the skin normally produces a lot of oils. Apart from teenagers there are also people who are born with naturally oily skin due to their genetic composition. The skin may also be oily due to hormonal conditions. These people may have oily skins for the rest of their lives and there is very little that they can do about this. There are also people who have oily skin due to poor hygiene. This can be easily remedied, they can change their skin types easily by adapting good hygiene. Learning how to take care of your oily skin will go a long way in helping you fight acne.

There is a good reason why there is heavy emphasis placed on managing oily skin to prevent acne. This is because, bad bacteria is drawn to oil. This provides good breeding ground for bacteria. The oil and bacteria then feed off each other. This is what brings about acne. In addition, oil on the face naturally doesn’t look good; it may make the skin look unclean. In addition to this, it is bad for the skin due to its ability to clog pores. This then leads to acne breakout which continues to spread as long as there is oil and bacteria present.

However, it is important to note that reducing or removing oil from your skin is not sufficient to get rid of the acne permanently. There are treatment options that can achieve this though. This treatment will tackle the problem fully and also prevent further breakouts. This condition is a bit complicated and so only the best treatments can successfully get rid of it. You also need to know that the severity of the problem will also determine the treatment. To ensure that you get the best treatments for your acne problems, visit a qualified dermatologist for consultation.

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