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Treatments for Skin

Occurrence of Hormonal Acne
Acne skin disease is common among the teens which occur in the puberty period. It is a natural phenomenon increased production of sebum as a result of ‘Androgen’ hormones makes the skin oily. The sebum gets trapped in the pores of the skin and finds it no room to excrete the dead cells formed inside the pores. The end-result is the formation of acne. Hormonal acne is not only meant to teens but also seen commonly among adults too.
Treatments for Skin

Solutions for Hormonal Acne
Most of the women in the adulthood might be wondering that they do not have oily skin but still acne appears on the skin. This is because that the hormonal imbalance condition triggered. Oral medications usually suffice this problem by creating a balance. Some of the common medications are anti-androgens, oral contraceptives and some anti-inflammatory products.

Anti-androgens like flutamide is commonly used which works well on the skin in controlling the oily skin and prevent acne from occurring. Anti-inflammatories are generally used for controlling the over-production of androgens. Low-dose of oral contraceptives also works well to control acne.

Significance of Hormonal Treatment
Hormonal treatments involve the use of contraceptive pills which is suggested to the women. It has been considered as the best and effective treatment for women as by the dermatologists. One of the effective advantages is that if no other treatments work well, hormonal treatment in most cases serves as a solution.

The testosterone hormone will be sidelined by the use of contraceptive pills as a counter- medication. Contraceptives like Alesse, Yasmin and Diane are used widely among women in the treatment of acne.

Efficiency of Hormonal Treatments
Hormonal treatments are viewed as the best acne treatment for women. It needs blood sampling and involves the use of medications. Specialists are less in this field and so the lesser knowledge in the hormonal treatments. In the case of persistent acne physicians advice should be needed.

The efficiency of the hormonal treatment lies in curing even the troublesome cyst or nodule if the treatment is properly conducted. It comes as a solution for the acne even if other treatments are failed. The application of cortisone is also involved in the treatment process to flatten the bumps. Dermatologist consultation is required in the case of severity of the acne.

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