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Psychological Effects of Acne

Psychological effects of acne are severe as it hampers the growth and social cohesiveness

Psychological effects of Acne on teenager are severe than physical pain. It is not just the clinical severity but even the mild appearance of acne on their skin, in particular, the face, pulls back in every effort of them. This common skin problem occurs to the age group of 12-25.
Psychological Effects of Acne

Acne as a deterrent to teens
Psychological effects vary from the peer relationship to academic achievement. At the time of the teenage, the period teens want to enhance their look and personality, acne falls as a deterrent to that. Their major worry is getting the friends as they feel like not being clean and looking dirty, makes them step back instead of moving on. Here are some of the problems that they might face.
-Some teens feel embarrassed and shy to look at others.
-It causes low –self esteem and lack of involvement in other activities.
-Acne causes them to stay away from sports’ activities too as they sometimes has to unclothe in public dressing rooms.
-Some boys and girls used to grow their hair long enough to cover their face and disguise the red spots. In case of girls, make-up comes as a solution 
-It prevents them from involving in the social activities and relationship building.
-When it affects the face, there comes the problem for them as they are vulnerable of being jibed by other teens.
- It is the time they find it difficult to find their beloved ones, the scars and the spots indeed a barricade for them.

Acne teens and hurdles they face
Teens affected with acne suffer a huge mental stress and illness which impacts not only their education and academic achievement but also their career. Here see some of those:
-It creates a lack of interest in studies and possibly they refuse to go school leading to poor academic performance and thus spoils the future.
-It is a deterrent to those who aspire to become a model or in the film industry as the look is major concern there.
-Also acne sufferers are poor in the job performance as they lack self-confidence and spending much time thinking about the problem.
-Young adults also feel that in the working environment they might be treated as a child because of the pimples etc. So they seek the medical help to cure that before entering to the work culture.

Some teens divulge in depression pondering over the problem. The symptoms of depression, if found, needs immediate treatment as it not only affects the future but also directs them to the suicidal attempts.
Some of the symptoms are:
- Loss of appetite
- Introversion
- Behavioral change
- Sluggishness
- Feeling of not worthy

Depression leads to social withdrawal, retreat from peer group, apathy etc. which plays spoilsport.

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