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Myths and Conceptions of Acne

Acne myths and truths render us know the basic info about the acne and its occurrence

Irrespective of the scientific truths there is still myths exists in the society about the occurrence and solution of acne. Some of the myths are really close but in the reality it is not so. We see some of them in the following titles.
Myths and Conceptions of Acne

Tanning or exposure to the sunlight
This has been in the use for a long time that the exposure to sunlight or the process of getting the skin darkens due to the vulnerability of Ultraviolet rays called as ‘tanning’ cures the disease. But in actuality it darkens the skin so it might give a feel to the sufferer that the acne disappeared. As soon as the tan gets over it start to show off.

Apart from the above said things, exposure to the sunlight may cause dryness and some sort of irritation which causes premature aging and skin cancer. Instead sunscreens are used as alternatives which give a better aid because of noncomprehending nature.

Fatty, oily foods acts as a inducer to acne
It is also been wrongly felt by many people that the use of oily, fried foods may aggravate the disease acne. But there is no scientific proof suggests as such. Even though, it can be put for something useful like to encourage children to consume more vegetables and fruits instead of pizzas and fast foods.

Poor hygiene
This is another myth that prevails among the people. Poor hygiene has got nothing to do with the acne nevertheless keeping oneself clean is good for health and it gives refreshing feeling.

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