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Antibiotic Treatments for Acne

Antibiotic treatment serves as a better solution in controlling acne by combating the bacteria round the follicles

Use of Antibiotics
Antibiotics usage in treatment of acne is well known. It serves as a solution by preventing or decreasing the bacteria around the follicle. It reduces the irritating chemicals of WBC and concentration of fatty acids in sebum thus giving the less intensified inflammatory reception. Here are some of the widely used antibiotics:
- Tetracycline
- Erythromycin
- Minocycline
- Doxycycline
- Azithromycin
- Trimethoprim
Antibiotic Treatments for Acne

Some Antibiotics are externally applicable and some are taken in pill form. Topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics are the two forms of it.

Topical antibiotics
Oral Antibiotics, although, serves the same purpose of aiming to kill the bacteria that are present in the follicles. But use of topical antibiotics is quite effective than the oral because of the side effects. In case of women using a contraceptive pill uses oral antibiotic leads to stomach upset and drug interactions and cause some other side effects also. However, it is better to apply only on the face and the affected area alone instead of rubbing it on the whole as it proves cumbersome reaction.

Oral antibiotics
Oral antibiotics are equally effective like tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline. But it varies according to the P. acnes, if it is common then the antibiotics will prove to be less effective. In that case, after the end of the treatment, days’ later acne starts to reappear respect to topical and weeks’ later respect to Oral antibiotics. Some of the side effects like yellowing of teeth are probable in oral use, so it is better to use the topical one as the first case.

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