Alternative acne treatments that work

Different reasons are said to cause acne. According to the Chine, formation of acne is due to impure blood. Chinese believe that toxicity and heat in the blood stream causes acne. Whereas some view that acne is caused due to improper digestion. They say that due to poor digestion poisons are created and are discharged into the skin that leads to the formation of acne treatments. Some foods are also proposed to cause acne as foods like garlic, coffee, or spicy foods results in the building up of body heat.
Alternative acne treatments that work

Some vitamins are included more for maintaining an acne free skin. Consumption of vitamin A gives a healthy skin and should be consumed in plenty. Zinc can be included as it helps in healing the skin quickly and it also reduces hormonal imbalance. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential as they maintain cell membranes and helps in transporting nutrients to the cells. Acidophilus capsules can be used as it helps in digestion. Menstruation problems can cause acne. Vitamin B-6 can be use in to check the formation of bacteria that leads to acne.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are alpha hydroxyl acids and is plenty in citrus fruits. These acids present in the citrus fruits can lessen the formation of the dead skin cells. Lemon is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and can be applied on to the skin. But lemon juice may give a “burning” sensation to the skin so instead of applying it directly onto the skin lemon juice can be mixed up with the water and can be applied on the face. If one has sensitive skin the water added to the lemon juice should be more to minimize the “burning” sensation.

Herbalists instead of using single things also tries to concoct things and use it as pimple alternative treatments. Some suggests intake of evening prime rose oil or black current seed oil where as others recommend the intake of teas with Echinacea or goldenseal. Another important factor in the alternative treatment for acne is that attention is given to the body also and regular exercise and relaxation are suggested to keep the body at its peak.

There is a controversy regarding the effect of alternative acne acne treatments especially with the doctors, but as far as the treatment is concerned the success, the effect and the period of time taken to cure acne varies between persons and the treatment purely depends on the individuals and the degree of acne they are suffering from.

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