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Acne Prevention Measures

Acne prevention is better than curing it so the natural and germicidal products are preferred

Use of Germicidal products
Germicidal products contain benzoyl peroxide which is used to control or moderate acne. It is available in the form of gel or cream which can be used by applying in the affected region twice daily. Benzoyl peroxide prevents the new lesions from occurring by killing acne creating bacterium.
Acne Prevention Measures

Studies indicating us the use of benzoyl has reduced the lesions after six weeks of application of 10% of the content among the participants. Different from the antibiotics, it is milder and being an oxidizer protect from the external dirt. Nevertheless it may cause dryness and redness of skin and irritation. One should be wary of while using benzoyl as it can bleach hair, fabric, etc.

Be Hygienic to prevent the occurrence of acne
Hygienic factors and regular cleaning routine keeps one away from acne. Some people use a lot of chemical substance in the name of make up and hair decoration leads to disastrous consequences. Instead, one can simply clean their face with soaps daily so that the skin will be free of dirt and dust particles and it breathes naturally.

Hygiene doesn’t meant to be only the cosmetics but the regular cleaning of face and other parts of body as a daily routine like before going to bed, after exercises, after slogging day work etc., with the soaps, herbal creams etc. which does not have a risky effect and protects the skin from bacteria and its growth in skin.

Herbal Usage
Acne can be avoided by having a good diet, nutritious foods, and proper hygiene and with the use of herbal products. Many cosmetics products are available in the market which contain chemicals is dangerous to health and causes side effects. But use of herbal products avoids the side effects. Let’s see how it works:

-Generally it works by purifying the blood and hormones.
-It helps to kill the bacteria and some infections from occurring that pollutes the blood and continue the liver from doing its function.
-Some herbals are used to cleanse the livers and some are to protect and energizes it.
-Herbals work in a way that it doesn’t affect the balance of the system but effective in killing bacteria and fungus.
-Herbal remedies works in an efficient way that helps in improving the appearance of the skin, remove scars, cleanse the impacted area and prevent breakout.

Careful revision is must
Although wide variety of products available in the market, to prevent breakouts, carefully chosen herbal products have maximum impact on the skin positively. Some homeopathic treatments also helps in curing the scars of acne which is comprised of herbals, minerals and other natural extracts which protects the body from the outside effects. Since this treatment is comprised of herbals with little concentrations, it does not pose any side effects.

To protect the face from bacteria and other germs, it is better to follow the natural and easy treatment. Likes of honey is well known for its medical application. It acts as a disinfectant and kills the bacteria present in the skin. Its medicinal properties are also known for the treatment the minor blemishes.

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