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What To Use To Get Rid Of Pimples

There are always going to be times when getting rid of pimples fast will be needed, but this can rarely be done. The ways that are described here are not recommended to be used all the time, picking pimples or zits can cause the problem to become worse and leave scars. There are several ways to go about it but all are done at your own risk!
What To Use To Get Rid Of Pimples

Getting rid of pimples fast should only be done if you are desperate and you only have Mild Acne. Even people who have Mild to Moderate Acne problems should not use these methods as the risk of making it worse is greatly increased. The methods mentioned below are only for single or several mild pimples and zits only.

The first tip to use is to avoid getting rid of pimples immediately as they appear. It might sound like a good idea but trying to pop something immediately will only cause your body to be susceptible to an infection. You might even cause the infection to move deep into the pore and therefore cause scarring to occur. It will help to wait until you see yellow pus about the get through the skin. This is so you can get your pimples cleared up as soon as possible.

The next point is to use a surgical needle on your pimples. A clean needle should be used here. Also, the face and hands will need to be clean before it can be handled.

Another part of clearing up a pimple involves getting the needle to prick at the white part of a pimple. This should be enough to weaken the pimple. You can then use some gauze to squeeze out the remaining parts of the pimple. This includes squeezing out the pus until a clear liquid or blood starts to appear.

You can also work to clean off the pimple area in order to ensure that an infection does not occur. You will need to use some gauze with rubbing alcohol to clean the area up. This will be used to keep the area clean and to ensure that an infection will not occur. The bacteria from the pimple should be cleared up as soon as this process is done. This will help to keep the area from being worse than it could be.

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