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How To Get Rid Of Acne Free

Acne is a problem faced commonly by almost all teenagers and others. Acne is caused due to hormone imbalance and/or clogged pores. The following are some of the answers on how to get rid of acne.

Your skin erupts due to testosterone present in both males and females (though it is a male hormone). Sometimes, the skin does not react normally to testosterone, and this gives rise to acne. Testosterone stimulates sebaceous glands to secrete sebum, an oily stuff. If sebum clogs the tubes of the sebaceous glands, you get acne.
How To Get Rid Of Acne Free

One of the oldest methods of acne scar reduction, dermabrasion is, as its name suggests, the abrading away of scar tissue allowing smoother skin to be revealed beneath. After the application of local or injected anesthetic, the top layer of skin is usually frozen and then removed with a surgical rotating knife.

This basic method of exfoliation actually removes the scar tissue, and depending on the depth of the scarring, can eliminate the scar permanently. Deeper scars may need more treatments, however, and some cannot be removed using this method. While this treatment is still used in some cases, dermabrasion is less frequently used today since modern treatments offer fewer risks and more benefits in most cases.

When acne scars are harshly discolored, laser therapy can produce results by working beneath the skin’s surface to reduce unwanted coloration and destroy damaged cells. Generally speaking, laser treatments work by creating multiple tiny wounds in the dermis, a layer of skin just under the outer layer. As the body heals these wounds, it regenerates the tissue surrounding them, eliminating scar tissue and growing new skin in its place. A beneficial side effect of laser treatment is the increased production of collagen, instrumental in maintaining and improving general skin tone.

This increase in collagen is beneficial in smoothing out the bumps and pockmarks sometimes associated with acne scarring. Laser resurfacing is a specific form of laser therapy, designed to work both on the surface of the skin and on the dermis. This method can allow more rapid results than traditional laser treatments, but usually with a higher price tag. Laser therapy shows great promise in not only minimizing, but in most cases eliminating acne scarring.

You should remember most of these take a great deal of time, so patience is required. Increase of severity of acne during menstrual cycle or when a person is physically or mentally stressed is normal, and should not be a reason to worry about.

Care must be taken while using cosmetics. Defrizzing agents and pomenades for the hair and suntan lotions should be avoided completely. While using makeup, you should ensure the articles used are clean. A very healthy and natural way of controlling acne is to drink a good quantity of water. Though it may not cure acne, a facial, once in a while, also helps a lot. While using a foundation, ensure it is oil free. Regular exfoliation (removal of dead cells) is also a good way of playing it safe with acne.

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