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Acne Prevention Measures

Acne prevention is better than curing it so the natural and germicidal products are preferred

Use of Germicidal products
Germicidal products contain benzoyl peroxide which is used to control or moderate acne. It is available in the form of gel or cream which can be used by applying in the affected region twice daily. Benzoyl peroxide prevents the new lesions from occurring by killing acne creating bacterium.
Acne Prevention Measures

Studies indicating us the use of benzoyl has reduced the lesions after six weeks of application of 10% of the content among the participants. Different from the antibiotics, it is milder and being an oxidizer protect from the external dirt. Nevertheless it may cause dryness and redness of skin and irritation. One should be wary of while using benzoyl as it can bleach hair, fabric, etc.

Be Hygienic to prevent the occurrence of acne
Hygienic factors and regular cleaning routine keeps one away from acne. Some people use a lot of chemical substance in the name of make up and hair decoration leads to disastrous consequences. Instead, one can simply clean their face with soaps daily so that the skin will be free of dirt and dust particles and it breathes naturally.

Hygiene doesn’t meant to be only the cosmetics but the regular cleaning of face and other parts of body as a daily routine like before going to bed, after exercises, after slogging day work etc., with the soaps, herbal creams etc. which does not have a risky effect and protects the skin from bacteria and its growth in skin.

Herbal Usage
Acne can be avoided by having a good diet, nutritious foods, and proper hygiene and with the use of herbal products. Many cosmetics products are available in the market which contain chemicals is dangerous to health and causes side effects. But use of herbal products avoids the side effects. Let’s see how it works:

-Generally it works by purifying the blood and hormones.
-It helps to kill the bacteria and some infections from occurring that pollutes the blood and continue the liver from doing its function.
-Some herbals are used to cleanse the livers and some are to protect and energizes it.
-Herbals work in a way that it doesn’t affect the balance of the system but effective in killing bacteria and fungus.
-Herbal remedies works in an efficient way that helps in improving the appearance of the skin, remove scars, cleanse the impacted area and prevent breakout.

Careful revision is must
Although wide variety of products available in the market, to prevent breakouts, carefully chosen herbal products have maximum impact on the skin positively. Some homeopathic treatments also helps in curing the scars of acne which is comprised of herbals, minerals and other natural extracts which protects the body from the outside effects. Since this treatment is comprised of herbals with little concentrations, it does not pose any side effects.

To protect the face from bacteria and other germs, it is better to follow the natural and easy treatment. Likes of honey is well known for its medical application. It acts as a disinfectant and kills the bacteria present in the skin. Its medicinal properties are also known for the treatment the minor blemishes.

Antibiotic Treatments for Acne

Antibiotic treatment serves as a better solution in controlling acne by combating the bacteria round the follicles

Use of Antibiotics
Antibiotics usage in treatment of acne is well known. It serves as a solution by preventing or decreasing the bacteria around the follicle. It reduces the irritating chemicals of WBC and concentration of fatty acids in sebum thus giving the less intensified inflammatory reception. Here are some of the widely used antibiotics:
- Tetracycline
- Erythromycin
- Minocycline
- Doxycycline
- Azithromycin
- Trimethoprim
Antibiotic Treatments for Acne

Some Antibiotics are externally applicable and some are taken in pill form. Topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics are the two forms of it.

Topical antibiotics
Oral Antibiotics, although, serves the same purpose of aiming to kill the bacteria that are present in the follicles. But use of topical antibiotics is quite effective than the oral because of the side effects. In case of women using a contraceptive pill uses oral antibiotic leads to stomach upset and drug interactions and cause some other side effects also. However, it is better to apply only on the face and the affected area alone instead of rubbing it on the whole as it proves cumbersome reaction.

Oral antibiotics
Oral antibiotics are equally effective like tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline. But it varies according to the P. acnes, if it is common then the antibiotics will prove to be less effective. In that case, after the end of the treatment, days’ later acne starts to reappear respect to topical and weeks’ later respect to Oral antibiotics. Some of the side effects like yellowing of teeth are probable in oral use, so it is better to use the topical one as the first case.

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Myths and Conceptions of Acne

Acne myths and truths render us know the basic info about the acne and its occurrence

Irrespective of the scientific truths there is still myths exists in the society about the occurrence and solution of acne. Some of the myths are really close but in the reality it is not so. We see some of them in the following titles.
Myths and Conceptions of Acne

Tanning or exposure to the sunlight
This has been in the use for a long time that the exposure to sunlight or the process of getting the skin darkens due to the vulnerability of Ultraviolet rays called as ‘tanning’ cures the disease. But in actuality it darkens the skin so it might give a feel to the sufferer that the acne disappeared. As soon as the tan gets over it start to show off.

Apart from the above said things, exposure to the sunlight may cause dryness and some sort of irritation which causes premature aging and skin cancer. Instead sunscreens are used as alternatives which give a better aid because of noncomprehending nature.

Fatty, oily foods acts as a inducer to acne
It is also been wrongly felt by many people that the use of oily, fried foods may aggravate the disease acne. But there is no scientific proof suggests as such. Even though, it can be put for something useful like to encourage children to consume more vegetables and fruits instead of pizzas and fast foods.

Poor hygiene
This is another myth that prevails among the people. Poor hygiene has got nothing to do with the acne nevertheless keeping oneself clean is good for health and it gives refreshing feeling.

Psychological Effects of Acne

Psychological effects of acne are severe as it hampers the growth and social cohesiveness

Psychological effects of Acne on teenager are severe than physical pain. It is not just the clinical severity but even the mild appearance of acne on their skin, in particular, the face, pulls back in every effort of them. This common skin problem occurs to the age group of 12-25.
Psychological Effects of Acne

Acne as a deterrent to teens
Psychological effects vary from the peer relationship to academic achievement. At the time of the teenage, the period teens want to enhance their look and personality, acne falls as a deterrent to that. Their major worry is getting the friends as they feel like not being clean and looking dirty, makes them step back instead of moving on. Here are some of the problems that they might face.
-Some teens feel embarrassed and shy to look at others.
-It causes low –self esteem and lack of involvement in other activities.
-Acne causes them to stay away from sports’ activities too as they sometimes has to unclothe in public dressing rooms.
-Some boys and girls used to grow their hair long enough to cover their face and disguise the red spots. In case of girls, make-up comes as a solution 
-It prevents them from involving in the social activities and relationship building.
-When it affects the face, there comes the problem for them as they are vulnerable of being jibed by other teens.
- It is the time they find it difficult to find their beloved ones, the scars and the spots indeed a barricade for them.

Acne teens and hurdles they face
Teens affected with acne suffer a huge mental stress and illness which impacts not only their education and academic achievement but also their career. Here see some of those:
-It creates a lack of interest in studies and possibly they refuse to go school leading to poor academic performance and thus spoils the future.
-It is a deterrent to those who aspire to become a model or in the film industry as the look is major concern there.
-Also acne sufferers are poor in the job performance as they lack self-confidence and spending much time thinking about the problem.
-Young adults also feel that in the working environment they might be treated as a child because of the pimples etc. So they seek the medical help to cure that before entering to the work culture.

Some teens divulge in depression pondering over the problem. The symptoms of depression, if found, needs immediate treatment as it not only affects the future but also directs them to the suicidal attempts.
Some of the symptoms are:
- Loss of appetite
- Introversion
- Behavioral change
- Sluggishness
- Feeling of not worthy

Depression leads to social withdrawal, retreat from peer group, apathy etc. which plays spoilsport.

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Treatment Centers for Skin Acne Problems

Nowadays a large group of teenagers are suffering from serious skin problems. A skin problem such as acne, pimples, blackheads, zits irritate the sufferer person and sometimes the person might commit suicide also. Acne marks gives ugly look to the person, so in order to improve the facial problems of the teenagers, we are offering the best and the valuable information about acne treatment. We are also suggesting the most superlative information about the acne treatment centers and different ways to get rid of acne.
Treatment Centers for Skin Acne Problems

We are here for the people, who are looking for the treatment to get off acne skin problems. We provide valuable information to people about the various skin problems, acne treatment centers, techniques for acne scar treatment, weight loss, liposuction and dark circles etc. Our goal is to provide updated and exact information to people about various types of skin problems and acne treatment procedures.

The most common problems face by teenagers and youngsters is acne. It can be simply define as blackheads or whiteheads, pimples and lump that may occur on many parts of body like face, chest, neck and back. It is also affecting the people of any age group. People in their twenties and forties can get affected by acne. It is not very threatening disease but it can affect the normal day to day of someone very easily. Nowadays people are looking for its permanent solutions for skin problems and acne treatment programs are useful for them. We are here for solving your skin problems by acne treatment centers.

There is lots of acne treatment centers located in country that offers surgical and non surgical treatment for acne for desired people. But this is very difficult for one to choose the best so we offer you the entire information about those treatment centers, their facilities and services also. All surgical treatments programs offered by the skin treatment centers can only be done under the supervision of great dermatologists and doctors. We also assist you to find out the best dermatologists at your location. Some of the acne treatment centers also offer holistic approaches for patients which is also an effective solution to remove the problem completely. If acne becomes severe then it becomes very difficult for people to regain their beauty so treatment is must for any skin problem.

We are proudly saying this thing that using our information; you can get the permanent solution for acne treatments. We can help you to remove acne scars from your face and other parts of body caused by acne. The most frustrating task for the people is to locate right doctor or treatment center for their problem. So we help the people to locate the good and experienced specialist for acne treatment in centers. We have a large database of specialists who provide effective treatments for acne.

We provide the several solutions to you to get off the skin problems. You can learn about various tips and techniques to stop pimples, zits and blackheads etc. You can also find out resources and articles for home remedies, skin problems in teens, laser acne treatment, acne scar treatments, and dark circles etc.

Youngsters usually suffer from acne and zits at the starting of their puberty period. Mostly the teenagers of ages between thirteen and twenty one get into the grip of acne and pimples problems. These problems generally arise due to several reasons such as change in the body hormones, due to drug addiction, improper diet schedule and lots of other reasons. Not only teenagers suffer form these skin problems, but the adult people also face the severe acne problems. These people can, without any doubt get themselves treated in acne curative centers.

Acne can happen on any part of body such as neck, back, and even the chest also. Adult people who are struggling with these acne and skin problems, can collect the required information about acne cure from our site. Many acne healing centers are offering the latest acne laser treatment facility to the acne sufferer people. In laser technique, the laser beams are use to cure acne scars. This type of treatment is given by the experienced and professionals skin specialists in acne healing clinics.

We can assure that after visiting our site, you can definitely overcome your all sort of skin problems such as whiteheads, dark circles, rashes and even the burn and injury marks also. After getting the necessary information through our site, the person will surely come out from these dangerous acne and pimples problems. We have given the essential and vital information about how to cure acne and other skin problems safely. The desired person can get the special tips and techniques to overcome acne problems. We have also given some special articles based on acne, so you can easily get the articles about the homecare acne treatment, natural acne treatment, and the herbal acne treatment, anti-aging treatment and many other important articles.

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Top 5 Medicated Acne Cleansers

Cleaning is Essential
Acne Cleansers

The acne care products we choose will effectively cleanse your skin ,removing excess oil,dirt and makeup from the surface of the skin ,which is essential if the acne care products are to work effectively.

In this review we have put together list of some of the best selling,highly rated acne skin care products.The top 5 Medicated Acne Cleansers, facial masks, overnight treatment,spot treatment, moisturizers, exfoliates and scrubs, microaggression,natural treatments.
Top 5 Medicated Acne Cleansers

Although these products are effective in acne control they must be used constantly for good results,once you stop using them acne will return. These products will also show some side effects. On the other hand natural acne remedies usually remove the root cause of acne without leaving side effects.

Top 5 Medicated Acne Cleansers

Proper facial cleansing is essential for the success of any acne skin care product. Acne Cleansers will remove trouble causing dirt,make up,and built-up oil from the surface of the skin.

#1) Eucerin Clear Skin Formula Pore Purifying Foaming Wash
This is one of the Dermatologist recommended products that meet the needs of blemish-prone skin with the effective yet gentle acne skin care it needs.

Very effective acne cleanser-cleans deep down to the pores, removing excess oil and dirt that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Non-irritating - well tolerated by acne-prone skin.

The price on this acne cleanser is good.Although it's a 5 star rated facial cleanser product,it's not the top selling product. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, our second choice out sells this product.

#2) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Cleanser for even the most sensitive skin!
Soothes and softens as it cleanses, helping the skin retain needed moisture. Use for face or facials, hands, and the entire body. Also an excellent skin cleanser for the delicate skin of babies.

This facial cleanser is the top seller on some sites,although it's not the highest rated product.The price is good!

#3) Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask is a breakthrough acne-fighting formula that can be used two ways:

As a Daily Cleanser to kill the bacteria that can cause blackheads and breakouts. Gently massage the rich creamy lather over skin and rinse with water.

As an Intensive Mask for deep facial cleansing and extra oil control. Smooth an even layer over skin, allowing the formula to penetrate for up to 5 minutes before rinsing with water. You'll feel it's cooling intensity build as it penetrates into the pores. Do not use more than 2-3 times per week.

#4) Phisoderm Clear Confidence Self Heating Daily Scrub
It works 4 ways to heat, clean, exfoliate and nurture. Self Heating Daily Scrubs gentle burst of heat opens pores while micro scrubbing beads remove excess oils, makeup and deep impurities. It leaves your skin soft, healthy and blemish-free.

#5) Clearasil Total Control-Deep Pore Cream Cleanser
2.0% Salicylic Acid Acne Medication for Healthy-looking, beautifully clear skin.

Deep Pore Cream Cleanser uniquely combines a blemish fighting ingredient while gentle exfoliating to give clean clear Skin . For the treatment and prevention of pimples.

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Acne Scarring Treatments

Acne scarring is very difficult and widespread problem in entire world and lots of people are suffering from this problem. Acne scars caused due to the visible remnants of acne which left on the skin after the acne itself subsides. Acne is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit which is made up of hair follicle, sebaceous gland and a hair that mostly leaves scar that are red or hyper pigmented mark on the skin. Acne scars are of two types which are ice pick scars and keloids scars. Sometimes acne scars becomes very severe for clients and provides many harmful effects.
Acne Scarring Treatments

There is lots of acne scarring treatments available in the country that provides an effective solution for acne scarring clients. These treatments are of two types which are surgical and non surgical treatment. Many dermatologists and physicians offer various surgical treatments for their clients. Some of treatments are very expensive and not affordable by each person so there are also many home based treatments available for clients to remove their scars. Acne leaves scars so it is good for patients to treat their acne first to remove their scars.

Acne scar removal is very easy now days due to the ever growing medical research. There is no one method is available for treating acne scarring and it depends on the case of each individuals. Skin specialists offer various effective treatments and therapies to successfully remove the scars. The most effective treatments for acne scarring are Dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, subcision, punch techniques and grafting and many others. All treatments vary in price and effectiveness. This is not must that specific treatment can provide healthy skin to patient so dermatologists also use number of treatments for acne scarring.

Dermabrasion is more effective treatments for acne scarring in country and suggest by more physicians and dermatologists. It is the procedure in which a device is used to blow out the crystals on the skin that are used to polish the skin by removing the scars. Laser resurfacing is also used to treat acne scars in which the laser is used to remove the damage skin by leaving the skin soft and smooth. Punch grafting is the method used to remove pitted scars. These therapies can only be done under the great supervision of dermatologists and physicians.

Natural treatments are also used for treating acne scarring that is cost effective and provides no side effects. Some of the home based products are used in natural treatment that is very effective for clients. There are lots of products available in market such as creams, gels and many others for treating acne scarring but this is very difficult task for one to choose the best. So there are also many websites available on internet that compiles all information about such products and successful treatment therapies. They help the clients to take useful treatment for their scarring. These sites also help the clients to find out the best dermatologists and skin specialists in country.

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Treatments for Skin

Occurrence of Hormonal Acne
Acne skin disease is common among the teens which occur in the puberty period. It is a natural phenomenon increased production of sebum as a result of ‘Androgen’ hormones makes the skin oily. The sebum gets trapped in the pores of the skin and finds it no room to excrete the dead cells formed inside the pores. The end-result is the formation of acne. Hormonal acne is not only meant to teens but also seen commonly among adults too.
Treatments for Skin

Solutions for Hormonal Acne
Most of the women in the adulthood might be wondering that they do not have oily skin but still acne appears on the skin. This is because that the hormonal imbalance condition triggered. Oral medications usually suffice this problem by creating a balance. Some of the common medications are anti-androgens, oral contraceptives and some anti-inflammatory products.

Anti-androgens like flutamide is commonly used which works well on the skin in controlling the oily skin and prevent acne from occurring. Anti-inflammatories are generally used for controlling the over-production of androgens. Low-dose of oral contraceptives also works well to control acne.

Significance of Hormonal Treatment
Hormonal treatments involve the use of contraceptive pills which is suggested to the women. It has been considered as the best and effective treatment for women as by the dermatologists. One of the effective advantages is that if no other treatments work well, hormonal treatment in most cases serves as a solution.

The testosterone hormone will be sidelined by the use of contraceptive pills as a counter- medication. Contraceptives like Alesse, Yasmin and Diane are used widely among women in the treatment of acne.

Efficiency of Hormonal Treatments
Hormonal treatments are viewed as the best acne treatment for women. It needs blood sampling and involves the use of medications. Specialists are less in this field and so the lesser knowledge in the hormonal treatments. In the case of persistent acne physicians advice should be needed.

The efficiency of the hormonal treatment lies in curing even the troublesome cyst or nodule if the treatment is properly conducted. It comes as a solution for the acne even if other treatments are failed. The application of cortisone is also involved in the treatment process to flatten the bumps. Dermatologist consultation is required in the case of severity of the acne.

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Acne Affliction in All Ages - Infant acne

Occurrence of acne in infants is a common condition; it is a naturally occurring skin disease which clears up in a matter of weeks. Acne like bumps on the surface of the face are caused by trapped oil on the skin follicle.

Infantile acne generally appears on the baby’s cheek but may often cover the forehead and the chin. Slight blemishes on the skin are due to exposure to hormonal alterations in the womb preceding childbirth. This needs no treatment but may recur after six months.
Acne Affliction in All Ages - Infant acne

Persistence of this condition may suggest early sexual hormonal production. In this case, the infant must be examined by a physician to determine if there exists a genetic predisposition to acne development.

Children between the ages of two and six are usually in the acne free zone, meaning acne development will cease between these ages. In addition to this, if cases of acne are seen during this stage of life, it is important to consult a physician. This condition may also suggest a problematic hormonal balance in the child.

Teenage acne

The American Academy of Dermatology states that there are several reasons behind acne production in puberty. One is the result of excessively productive Sebaceous glands.

These glands produce Sebum and are attached to the hair follicles. Sebum is an oily substance which produces blemishes on the skin if trapped on the hair follicles.

Acne can also be a product of bacterial reproduction at an abnormal pace. Doctors often provide treatment using topical antibiotics; these are efficient in destroying Propionibacterium acnes, which is the primary cause of acne.

Additionally, unduly quick shedding of dead skin cells and the release of toxic substance on to the skin may also be the cause of this skin disorder.

During puberty, excess hormonal production usually occurs in teenage boys due to the significant hormonal changes that occur in a boy’s body.

This unnecessary elevation in Sebum production may often result in skin lesions. Consequently, it is quite common for teenage boys to experience this form of acne.

Although it is often difficult to treat acne during pubescence, it is the diversity of causes which must be properly analysed so as to provide the best treatment. In cases where over-the-counter medications don’t work, a physician must be consulted to provide alternative options in caring for this skin disease.

Determining the root cause of acne may take some time, but eventually, it will be discovered and hopefully this will lead to a comprehensive remedy for this skin disorder.

Adult acne

Chiefly due to hormonal changes, 5% of people who develop acne are infected in their adulthood while the remaining percentage experience this skin disease during puberty.

In addition, this skin disorder is sometimes a hereditary disease and is often a manifestation of an abnormal hormonal imbalance.

Adult acne may worsen during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the women’s body. In several cases, oral contraceptives are often applied as treatment to improve conditions dealing with adult acne.

Alcohol, emotional and psychological stress and hot foods can intensify the condition.

Dermatologists usually prescribe topical medications that contain Salicylic acid or sulphur to lessen the outbreak of acne and the burning sensations that accompany it.

Topical medications basically cleanse the skin from bacteria and also aid in slowing down the performance of oil glands

It is advisable that people infected with this skin disorder limit exposure of their skin to sunlight and must as much as possible avoid using oil-based cosmetics.

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Keeping Acne to the Minimum Intensity

Remarkably, there are quite a number of misconceptions about skin care and acne that may seem logical, yet are very untrue and may at times cause devastating damage to the individuals that believe and act on this misinformation.

Take for example the belief that an afflicted person must regularly wash his face several times a day using a facial scrub to get rid of acne. In reality, this has a logical appeal but is nevertheless a very unlikely solution.
Keeping Acne to the Minimum Intensity

In actual fact this can further aggravate rather than help solve the problem. This action may trigger the spreading of acne to other parts of the face tissue, take note that acne thrives in the deeper layers of the skin.

In some cases individuals resolve to using “harsh” soaps to cleanse the face of harmful bacteria, this as well is a far fetched and largely ineffective solution for treating an acne outbreak.

Acne cannot be treated fully, but there are several skin care methods that may prevent a major acne outbreak:

  • Taking showers is far more advisable than taking regular baths for a continuous flow of water from the shower is helpful in opening the skin pores, thus washing of the dirt.

  • It has been established that those who shower thoroughly, rinse their bodies and are able to relieve themselves of oily and dead skin cells. If you bathe in a tub however, the pustule infections may transfer to other parts of your skin and may create a new acne outbreak.

  • Making use of a wash cloth may the possibility of widespread acne infections throughout the face. It is more advisable to use a soft wash cloth and avoid vigorous face washing or forceful rubbing. Another recommendation from dermatologists is washing of the face before entering the shower room as this may help prevent the spread of acne infections to other parts of the body.

  • Doctors also recommend you ensure that in washing your hair, the shampoo doesn’t get in contact with your face or with the sensitive areas that are starting to show symptoms of becoming infested with acne.

  • A small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide must be dissolved in the bath tub to kill bacteria that are present in the pores as they open.

  • When washing your face, use the hottest water that you can withstand as it opens the skin pores entirely and kills the bacteria that thrive within. It may also dissolve the unnecessary oil while releasing them. In general, mild soaps may prove useful but specific soaps for treating acne may help decrease your pimples significantly.

  • It is also recommended that an acne-afflicted person take two showers daily following the guidelines that are mentioned above, a shower in the morning and in the evening. However, if this cannot be done, it is advisable to wash your face regularly.

  • The best option for an acne-prone person is to keep his pores open to prevent an outbreak of acne. To do this, you must wash your face on a regular basis, but not too often, as this may result in a bacteria-free face. Making use of wipes or washing the affected area may be helpful in washing your face.

  • Any acne-affected parts of your skin must never be exposed to sunlight. However if this cannot be avoided, it is best for you to apply sunscreens to save your skin from potential infections.

  • Good hygiene must always be followed in your efforts to get rid of any acne infections.

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Best Acne Products For Teenagers

It is not always necessary to visit a dermatologist for teenage acne. Finding the correct products over the counter can help, if the acne is too much out of hand. If your teen is not allergic to any medicines, you may want to try an over the counter acne cream. These creams are great for cleaning out the pores, making it easy for the face to breath. Clogged pores are one of the top reasons for teenage acne, so cleansing the face is very important. There are also spot treatments which can be used for those acne situations which may appear “the night before prom” or before a major event.
Best Acne Products For Teenagers

The affectability of many of these products remains to be seen. A regular cleansing routine with a simple non chemical non alcoholic non perfumed lotion and toner followed with moisturising will usually do the trick. The latest teen celebrity advertising acne products with picture perfect skin is enough to get teenagers in their droves to the mall to buy the latest pore cleansing sensation.

The truth is most of these products are far to sever for young skin. The problem with teenage skin is it is caused by high level in hormones this in time will subside. The vulnerability of teenage mentality is evident as teenagers will think their world is crumbling if a pimple appears before a prom or a date. The use of the proper product will depend on the kind of skin you have.

For teenage skin the sebatious glands are working overtime and pores become blocked with dirt which causes a build up of bacteria which in turn causes pimples, black and white heads. Sensitive skin will require sensitive non alcohol non perfumed based products. Combination skin is difficult to cleanse as you will need an effective cleanser for the oily parts and a less astringent product for the rest of the face.

Home remedies are the perfect antidote for sensitive skin as they are cheap and generally available in most cupboards. Oatmeal combined with mashed cucumber lemon juice or rose water is quite affective as a nourishing mask. Aloe Vera is known for its skin soothing properties. Sudo crème is a well known baby diaper product that works well on minor breakouts.

The affectability of many of these products remains to be seen. A regular cleansing routine with a simple non chemical non alcoholic non perfumed lotion and toner followed with moisturising will usually do the trick. The latest teen celebrity advertising acne products with picture perfect skin is enough to get teenagers in their droves to the mall to buy the latest pore cleansing sensation. The truth is most of these products are far to sever for young skin. The problem with teenage skin is it is caused by high level in hormones this in time will subside. The vulnerability of teenage mentality is evident as teenagers will think their world is crumbling if a pimple appears before a prom or a date. The use of the proper product will
depend on the kind of skin you have.

For teenage skin the sebatious glands are working overtime and pores become blocked with dirt which causes a build up of bacteria which in turn causes pimples, black and white heads. Sensitive skin will require sensitive non alcohol non perfumed based products. Combination skin is difficult to cleanse as you will need an effective cleanser for the oily parts and a less astringent product for the rest of the face.

Home remedies are the perfect antidote for sensitive skin as they are cheap and generally available in most cupboards. Oatmeal combined with mashed cucumber lemon juice or rose water is quite affective as a nourishing mask. Aloe Vera is known for its skin soothing properties. Sudo crème is a well known baby diaper product that works well on minor breakouts.

To prevent premature aging and skin damage that will show up years later, always apply sunscreen before going outside. Look for a lotion with 30 SPF and reapply often. If you wear makeup, use foundation with sunscreen and layer it over moisturizing sunscreen for extra protection. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are examples of ingredients that provide defense against the sun.

Salicylic acid is another ingredient to look for in skin care products that treat acne. This acid helps dissolve oils that block pores and create pimples. The dead skin cells will naturally slough off after you use salicylic acid, leaving your skin looking fresh and new. Salicylic acid also prevents more breakouts by stopping future pimples and blackheads from forming.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How to Get Rid of Acne

What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin disease, especially in adolescent men and women, named acne. According to statistics, adolescent young men have 95%, young women have 85% suffering from varying degrees of acne, so it is called acne is very appropriate. With the improvement of living standards, high nutritional food intake increased, people generally developed in advance of age. Girls 11-12 years old, boys 13-14 years old can occur acne, and the condition is more serious than before. Acne mostly in the head and face, chest, back and other sebaceous glands rich parts, that is, more skin parts of the skin. Clinical manifestations, such as blackheads, whitehead acne, pimples, pustules, nodules, cysts and so on. Chronic course of disease, one after another, individual patients and even skin surface formation of depression or hypertrophic scar.
How to Get Rid of Acne

The causes of acne are complex

In general, under the action of various factors, the hair follicle - sebaceous gland structure in the skin has changed. The hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin open the pores of the skin surface. Sebaceous glands pass the sebaceous glands into the hair follicles and are transported outside the pores to form an "oil film" on the skin surface. Oil film has a certain protective effect on the skin. For example, hair follicles - sebaceous glands are similar to a sewage system. After the dirt is produced, it is finally discharged through the pipe. If the pipe is blocked, or dirt generated too much, more than the pipeline discharge limits, it will lead to accumulation of dirt, and problems. The same reason, if the hair follicle or sebaceous duct obstruction, or sebum secretion strong, leading to accumulation of sebum in the hair follicle or sebaceous duct, it will form a white acne or blackheads. The accumulation of sebum became a bacterial breeding medium, a large number of bacteria will lead to local hair follicle inflammation. Inflammation is mild when skin acne is manifested as redness of inflammatory papules. When inflammation is heavier, skin acne forms more severe nodules or cystic acne. Even the final formation of acne scars and pimple. Of course, the factors that lead to acne far more than the above points. Endocrine factors, genetic factors, psychological factors, lifestyle and other factors will affect the occurrence and development of acne trends. Although acne does not endanger life, there is no great harm to health. But because of acne beauty on the appearance of the impact, often to patients with serious psychological impact, so in recent years by more and more people's attention.

How high is the prevalence of acne?

Acne is a common skin disease, its incidence in the end how high it? How many of them acne developed into acne scars? Epidemiological studies have shown that 80% to 90% of adolescents suffer from this disease. This is closely related to adolescent human development, hormone levels were significantly changed. Acne is not only occur in young people, foreign studies have shown that people over the age of 20 the incidence of acne were: 20 to 29 years old, 42.5% of men and 50.9% of women; 30 to 39 years old, male 20.1%, female 35.2%; 40 to 49 years old, male 12.0%, female 26.3%; 50 years old, male 7.3%, female 15.3%. It can be seen that acne not only has a higher morbidity in adolescence, but also has a higher morbidity after adolescence. And the incidence of acne in women after adolescence is higher than that of men. This may be related to female hormone levels, menstrual cycle, mental stress and the use of cosmetics. In the clinical work of the hospital, we also found that the phenomenon: a lot of 30 years old, or even 40-year-old patients to see facial skin problems, check the results is typical of acne. If the patient said they had acne, they also jokingly said that their youth has long gone, how long also acne? Therefore, do not mistakenly believe that acne only in puberty, puberty will fade after, rather than treatment, delayed the treatment of acne time. Delaying the timing of acne treatment, or improper treatment of acne, is likely to aggravate the severity of acne and even form acne scars, called permanent scars on the face.

Is acne related to character?

The occurrence of acne is certainly related to character. Personality is the sum of a person's psychological characteristics, the incidence of acne and psychological factors are closely related. In turn, get acne and acne scars will also have a greater impact on the patient's psychological, the formation of a vicious circle. Studies have shown that when the body is in a bad mood (such as depression, anxiety) state, the body will increase the body's adrenocorticotropic hormone levels, causing elevated androgen levels. Androgen promotes the sebaceous glands to secrete sebum, and the role of hair follicle epithelium keratinization, leading to high levels of sebaceous glands and pores that eventually cause acne and acne scars to occur. Acne and acne scars on the character and psychological impact is also very obvious. Acne and acne scars can cause patients to produce anxiety, depression, increase the psychological pressure of patients, the formation of inferiority, irritability, shy, eccentric. Over time, can lead to sleep disorders, social avoidance, which seriously affect the patient's social activities and quality of life. Often the more severe acne and acne scars, the greater the impact on the patient's psychological. The patient may fall into a vicious circle of negative emotions - acne - negative emotions. Therefore, we can not ignore the relationship between mental factors and acne, acne scar. How to cancel acne? How to remove acne scar First, when dealing with acne and acne scars, keep an optimistic and cheerful mind that will play an adjunctive therapeutic role.

Is Acne Related to Diet?

The occurrence of acne and diet are also relevant. People often say that disease from the mouth, unhealthy diet will become the burden on the human body, is one of the causes of many diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes. So, people suffering from acne and acne scars, What should eat? What should not eat? First, we need to know which foods cause acne. The most closely related with acne is the "three high", that is, high-calorie, high irritation, high sugar content of food, such as fat, fried food, chocolate, candy. These high-calorie, high-energy foods are delicious, but when the intake of fat, sugar, more than the body's metabolic capacity, it will cause pore blockage, to form acne, or even to develop into acne scars. This unhealthy diet will stimulate the body's endocrine system, cause increased levels of androgen, promote sebum secretion increased actively, whereby the openings (pores) of the hair follicle are blocked. Then, a large number of bacteria grow in the hair follicle, inducing an inflammation, resulting in the most basic form of acne damage - inflammatory papules. The long-term development of acne, acne scars will form to result in permanent skin damage. Therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of acne, in order to avoid acne worsening, usually best to eat more vegetables and fruits, less foods in the "three-high", change the bad habits of life, if necessary, appropriate intake of vitamins and other health products for your skin. Of course, we are not saying that three high diets will definitely cause acne and acne scars. This is also related to personal fitness and other factors. Diet is just one of the factors leading to acne and acne scars. Some of the more severe acne and acne scars can not be treated only by diet, otherwise it will delay the acne condition.

Is acne associated with menstruation?

Acne must be related to menstruation. Many female patients, often in the menstrual a few days before facial acne increased; and after menstruation to reduce the next menstrual before the increase, repeated so. Many people think that menstruation is a detoxification process, and developed a series of menstrual period health Raiders. So why is the acne aggravated and reduced with the menstrual cycle showing a cyclical change? This is related to the cyclical changes in androgen levels in women. Female androgen Yes, that is, female androgen in the body. In fact, regardless of men and women, the body there are androgen and estrogen. And the so-called androgen and estrogen are not a single hormone, but a group of hormones. Androgen and estrogen in men and women in the body of their duties. The main role of androgen is to promote growth and development, promote and maintain the second sexual sign, stimulate sexual desire. In addition, it has previously mentioned to promote sebaceous gland secretion function, promote the role of hair follicle keratosis. In addition to the normal menstrual cycle androgen changes, there is a special case in female patients, that is, patients with hyperandrogenism status, mainly seen in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. Polycystic ovary syndrome in patients with androgen levels were significantly higher than the normal population, they not only have severe acne, but also accompanied by menstrual disorders, hirsutism, obesity, hyperactivity, infertility and other symptoms, B ultrasound examination shows ovarian enlargement , Multiple cystic follicles. After appropriate drug treatment, patients with symptoms of hyperandrogenism disappeared, sebaceous gland secretion decreased, acne will be reduced.

Is acne related to rest time?

Acne is associated with an unhealthy routine. With the development of society, today 's people' s pace of life to speed up, learning, work pressure; There are young people addicted to the game, the network, stay up all night, overtime has become a commonplace for young people. Some people stay up late after the emergence of acne, or the original acne aggravated, and may appear lack of energy, physically weak, mouth sores and other physical condition of the poor warning signal. Stay up all night so that the body of the toxins are not discharged, resulting in disease. This toxin represents a series of functional disorders, manifested as endocrine systems, immune system disorders, leading to the occurrence of acne. Over time, the human body immunity, fatigue, constipation, headache, insomnia and other symptoms will appear, which will increase the acne condition. Adequate sleep is the premise and safety of healthy skin, so should develop a healthy schedule.

How to get rid of Acne?

Acne is a common disease that now plagues teenagers. Patients will have different degrees of psychological problems, in fact, do not worry too much. We want everyone to know more about acne and treat acne correctly. Through the previous narrative, we have a certain understanding of acne, acne is known to be a young age of multiple skin diseases. Acne is a chronic inflammation of the hair follicle sebaceous glands, associated with a variety of factors. Long-term development will become acne scar, the formation of permanent facial damage. The treatment of acne is quite complicated. In general, if the condition is mild, should be from the diet, mood conditioning and other aspects to be noted. Do a light diet, eat spicy, greasy and sweets; keep the mood comfortable, to avoid staying up late. If the condition is heavy, you should go to the hospital for treatment, with the doctor treatment, like a doctor's advice. Do not squeeze, pull the skin lesions. Because traumatic lesions can lead to inflammation expansion, delayed healing, may appear in the late obvious acne scar. At the same time, but also the correct use of skin care products or cosmetics, according to the recommendations of doctors choose to control oil, anti-inflammatory and other anti-acne effect of cleansing and skin care products. Can be daily with warm water, sulfur soap wash the affected area, dry after the application of acne treatment.

What is the most effective way to get rid of acne?

There are many ways to get rid of acne and acne scars. But an incorrect treatment may lead to acne aggravating and even form acne scars and pimple. Acne skin cream is the most commonly used method to get rid of acne and acne scars, and is also the most simple and most convenient method. An effective skin cream is considered to be at least able to control acne, not to aggravate the acne and never promote the formation of acne scar. Therefore, choosing the right acne skin cream is particularly important. For mild acne, we need to use acne skin cream, with a balanced diet, regular rest, good mood. For the more obvious inflammation of the acne, in addition to the use of skin cream, but also oral antibiotics, and even oral herbs. For severe acne, to use an integrated approach to treatment, in addition to commonly used skin cream and medication, or even herbal mask, herbal fumigation, acupuncture and other treatment. For acne scar, you can use long-term skin cream, with the pulse dye laser, dot laser, skin grinding and other treatment methods to improve and repair the acne scar. When you have got rid of acne scars, still need a long time to use skin cream to help improve the skin and repair.

Can acne be got rid of?

There are many factors of acne morbidity, treatment has some difficulties. But by improving their own way of life, choose a reasonable treatment, acne can be cured or improved. First of all, for the prevention of acne to the main, to maintain an optimistic, positive attitude, a correct view of acne, to maintain a healthy diet and diet, bogey "three high" diet and stay up all night. Second, red inflammation during the period, the patient to control their own hands, do not frequently squeeze the rash. In most cases, severe acne is associated with the patient's own random squeeze. Without disinfection of the hand or equipment, not professional approach, it is easy to crush the rash when the deep tissue, and ultimately lead to scar. Again, to use warm water, sulfur or other anti-fat anti-inflammatory ingredients of the soap wash the affected area, which can partially inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands. Finally, should be to the regular medical treatment. Improper treatment will not only improve the condition, but also may aggravate the condition.

Monday, December 17, 2018

what is acne and why do you get acne scars

Many people who suffer from acne rush to finding solutions to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most people are more concerned with learning how to get rid of acne without paying attention to learning more about the condition itself. However, to successfully get rid of acne, it is important to familiarize yourself with the condition. Learn what causes it and then you can learn how to get rid of it. When you look at the biological process behind the formation of acne, it is particularly hard to pinpoint exactly how it comes about or how the body produces it. However, it’s a known fact that when our skin pores become clogged that is when we get acne.
what is acne and why do you get acne scars

In normal cases, the pores on the skin are normally responsible for the production of sebum. This sebum is good for the skin. However, there may come a time when the sebum blocks the pores due to various reasons. This is one of the causes of acne. Acne break out can also occur when the dead skin cells become clogged. Normally, the clogging occurs around the pore’s tip. This means that the pores become partially blocked and any secretions from the pores are greatly hindered.

Once the pores are clogged, the conditions only gets worse with each passing day. If you have acne today, probability is that the condition actually started quite some time back. As the condition becomes worse, the bacteria start growing on the pimples. This is what causes the spread of acne. Remember, the pores are near the hair follicles. When the infection of the bacteria gets worse, the follicle may also rapture. This is clearly seen by many as the redness that appears on the skin. It also makes the skin irritable and very sensitive. This irritability and inflation will depend on the severity of the bacteria infection. It may be mild or quite severe.

Apart from the acne, there are also blackheads that can appear due to the blockage. These also appear the same way as acne, that is, when the sebum produced by the pores block them. However, this blockage is normally only partial and it leaves the surface of the pores open. The partial opening then lets in oxygen into the pores. This is what makes the sebum or oil look black. There are other instances when the pore closes up completely therefore letting no oxygen in. This is what results in white heads.

A common question that most people ask is how exactly the pores in your skin get clogged and what does the clogging. The answer to this question is that the clogging occurs due to the dead cells on the skin and also the sebum produced. This especially happens to people who have oily skins. Due to this fact, teenagers are more afflicted with the black heads, white heads and acne. This is because during teen years, the skin normally produces a lot of oils. Apart from teenagers there are also people who are born with naturally oily skin due to their genetic composition. The skin may also be oily due to hormonal conditions. These people may have oily skins for the rest of their lives and there is very little that they can do about this. There are also people who have oily skin due to poor hygiene. This can be easily remedied, they can change their skin types easily by adapting good hygiene. Learning how to take care of your oily skin will go a long way in helping you fight acne.

There is a good reason why there is heavy emphasis placed on managing oily skin to prevent acne. This is because, bad bacteria is drawn to oil. This provides good breeding ground for bacteria. The oil and bacteria then feed off each other. This is what brings about acne. In addition, oil on the face naturally doesn’t look good; it may make the skin look unclean. In addition to this, it is bad for the skin due to its ability to clog pores. This then leads to acne breakout which continues to spread as long as there is oil and bacteria present.

However, it is important to note that reducing or removing oil from your skin is not sufficient to get rid of the acne permanently. There are treatment options that can achieve this though. This treatment will tackle the problem fully and also prevent further breakouts. This condition is a bit complicated and so only the best treatments can successfully get rid of it. You also need to know that the severity of the problem will also determine the treatment. To ensure that you get the best treatments for your acne problems, visit a qualified dermatologist for consultation.

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how to get rid of acne and pimples naturally

Eat a well balanced diet

For your skin to be healthy and to look good always, you need to eat a well balanced diet. Ensure that you especially get your fruits and vegetables regularly. In addition, you have to kick away sugary and fatty foods. This may be hard especially since many comfort foods are sugary or fatty but it’s a necessary move for anyone who wants to have clear healthy skin.
how to get rid of acne and pimples naturally

Change of lifestyle

There are a few changes that you can make in your life that can help you acquire a good healthy skin. First of all, if you haven’t been drinking water, it’s time to get started now. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You also need to get some exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can start small. Start off with some light jogging or even simply going for walks. You also need to ensure that you get plenty of rest. Ensure that you sleep adequately each night. Finally, get rid of the stress in your life. Stress shows on the skin. No matter what you do to treat your condition, it may all be futile if you are stressed.

You should also kick away some of the bad habits that normally take a toll on the skin. For instance, if you are a smoker, you have to stop this. You also have to reduce your caffeine intake so as to get some changes on your skin. Spending too much time in the sun is also bad for your skin.

Keep your face clean

One of the most important tips to help you get rid of acne and pimples is to keep your skin clean. To do this well, use a cleanser and plenty of water. Some people think that splashing some water on the face is enough but this is never the case. In addition, it’s not enough to simply was your face in the morning, you have to do it in the evening too. One of the worst things that you can ever do to your skin is going to bed without washing off your makeup.

In addition, avoid using strong soaps that may be too harsh for your skin. It is also advisable to avoid using hot water which may make your skin lose its moisture. Don’t ever scrub your face aggressively as this will only do more harm than good to your skin.

Avoid popping your pimples and touching your face frequently

It’s very common to try and get rid of pimples by popping them. This is the remedy that most people try without realizing that it only makes the condition worse. It enhances the spreading of the bacteria and may lead to new outbreaks of acne.

You should learn to keep your hands off your face. You can transport germ to your face by simply touching it too much. You should also hold your hair back and keep it from getting into contact with your face. On the same note, avoid getting the face into contact with clothes and pillows too especially if they are dirty.

Try and get qualified medical treatment

In recent times, the markets are flooded with acne treatment products that claim to help in getting rid of the acne and pimples. It is true that some of them may work but quite a few don’t. The effectiveness of a particular acne product really depends on each individual. You need to understand the core issues around your acne problems, have a good idea of your skin type to then make the best choice among the variety of products out in the market today. To help make this decision, it is recommended that you talk to a dermatologist. Ensure that the dermatologist that you talk to is well reputed and adequately conversant with skin problems.

Some of the more popular acne treatment products in the markets today are Proactiv solution, Zeno acne clearing device, skiniD from Neutogena, or ZENMED acne therapy. Each one of these mentioned all have glowing reviews and recommendations confirming their effectiveness. However, as we mentioned before, always consult your dermatologist first and find out whether a particular product is the right choice for you.

Use only recommended skin care products

That said, even with ongoing medical treatments, you have to learn how to let your skin breathe from time to time. Don’t cover your skin at all times. Sometimes wash and keep it fresh without using any of the popular skin care products or make-up. Any skin care product that you use must be approved by your dermatologist. Sometime a small change in your makeup or skin care product can go a long way in controlling your acne issues. Talk to your dermatologist to find out which skin products work for your skin type.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Homemade Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

Most people think that acne is caused by excessive oils, secreted by oily skin. This is somewhat true, but even dry skin may have acne breakouts! Whatever be the type of your skin, if it is prone to acne, then you will need to care for it appropriately.
Homemade Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

You will have to take precautions, so that your acne heals fast and does not result in scarring. Most people believe that since oily skin is likely to get acne, they don’t need to moisturize their skin, because if they do so then their skin will become oilier and hence acne formation will be encouraged. But this belief is not true!

Dry skin is very common problem that affect most of the people. Dry skin is caused due to many reasons. Dry skin contains low level of sebum and it is very sensitive. Premature wrinkles and fine lines are caused by dry skin as it lose elasticity and smoothness easily.

Moisturizing is the best way to avoid dry skin. Many dry skin moisturizers are accessible in the market but they are prepared with chemicals. So, natural face moisturizers are best to deal with dry skin. Homemade face moisturizers are less expensive and easy to make. Refer the article to know the homemade face moisturizer for dry skin.

Moisturizers enhance the process of skin cell renewal and help them to maintain their water content. Compared to dry skin, moisturized skin protects itself better. Natural moisturizers are chemical free. While preparing homemade face moisturizer use ingredients that go through the skin and offer protective oil layer on the skin surface.

The ingredients should also enhance the epidermis’s water maintaining capacity and add glide on the face skin. Be sure that moisturizer should not be used in excess as it can cause clogged pores and blackheads.

1) Strawberry moisturizer: take one table spoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of vitamin. Pour all the ingredients into a jar and then add in 2 tablespoon of smashed strawberries. Shake well in order to blend all the ingredients together. And store it in a refrigerator.

2) Aloe Vera Moisturizer: The preparation of aloe vera moisturizer is rather easy. Take equal amounts of aloe vera gel and mineral water. Heat both the ingredients till it becomes a cream and store it in a jar.

3) Moisturizer for normal skin: Mix 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of fresh rose petals and heat it till it boils. Let it cool and strain out the rose petals and add glycerin and aloe vera juice. Store it in the refrigerator.

4) Moisturizer for acne prone skin: Take the juice from half a lemon, 3 tbsp of yogurt and 1 – 1/2 teaspoon of honey and mix them together. Add in 1 whipped egg and stir well. Apply on the face and leave for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

5) If you want to keep it simple, then just apply the juice of fresh fruits, leave on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. This is a natural moisturizer and a great one!

Strawberries, in fact, are rich in Salicylic Acid which exfoliates skin, getting rid of the dead skin cells on the surface and unclogging pores, thus making it very beneficial for those with acne-prone skin. I’m lucky I never had to deal with acne so I can’t personally vouch on how well these masks help treat it, but I know people who used them with positive results, so if you’re curious here are a couple of recipes for you to try:
1. Strawberries and Honey Mask
3 strawberries
2 teaspoons of honey

Mash the strawberries and mix them with the honey (its anti-inflammatory properties make it a suitable ingredient to use for those with acne prone skin). Apply the paste on your face, wait about 20 minutes and then rinse off. Now you can apply your usual moisturizer.

2. Strawberries and Milk Mask
4 strawberries
1/2 tablespoons of flour
1/2 tablespoon of milk

Mash the strawberries in a bowl. Add the milk and flour and mix well until you get a thick paste. Apply it on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse off. Regardless of what mask you choose to use, if you have acne you won’t see the benefits straight away. You’d need to use it twice a week for one or two months to see the results.

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Cucumber Face Mask For Acne

Cucumber is a rich source of silica. Silica is a mineral which holds the connective tissues in skin and also helps in strengthening them. It is needed for manufacturing collagen. Cucumber facials or are dealing with masks can restore the elasticity of the skin by furnishing the facial skin the silica needed for collagen production. Here are the steps on how to use cucumber face mask as acne remedy.
Cucumber Face Mask For Acne

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of turmeric juice with one tablespoon of cucumber juice. Apply the mixture on your have to sort out and neck. Rinse your have to manage in cool water after virtually thirty minutes. This cucumber facial is especially beneficial for treated sunburned skins. It can still fade blemishes and acne scars.

People providing sensitive skin will make a cucumber have to manage mask by blending two tablespoons of grated cucumber with 1/4 cup of milk, preferably overall milk. Add few drops of rose vital oil to the mixture. Apply it on your face and neck. Rinse your have to handle amidst cool water after thirty minutes.

  1. Like the egg whites acne mask, you’ll want to first crack the egg open and separate the white from the yolk. Feel free to toss the yolk, or, if you’re a saver, save the yolk in the fridge for a meal that you may be able to later use it for. Aside from that, you’ll only need the egg whites for this treatment.

  2. Ginger 1/2 teaspoon and Tumeric 1 teaspoon – Measure the correct amount of needed ingredients for each.

  3. Slice up your lime.

  4. Slice up your cucumber. Depending on the size, you may only need to use half of one.

  5. Now, place everything into a blender or mixer. If you have the magic bullet, that’d work too. Now, mix!

  6. After mixing, pour your new mixture into a bowl or container. Feel free to save any leftovers in the fridge.

  7. Now, gently apply the solution to your skin.

  8. Leave the cucumber mask on your face for around 10 – 15 minutes.

  9. After treatment time has expired, rinse the mask off of your face. It may be easier to do this in the shower.

  10. Once you’ve patted your face dry, feel free to apply an oil free or non comodgenic moisturizer to your face.

You can use the cucumber by itself as an astringent toning mask, or add additional ingredients like moisturizing yogurt, moisturizing and antimicrobial honey, exfoliating oatmeal, deep-cleansing brewer’s yeast, and astringent lemon juice or lime juice. If you do add other ingredients, do so 1 tsp. at a time until the mask reaches the desired consistency. Most cucumber-based masks will have a relatively smooth texture, but if you add oatmeal the mask will thicken toward a pasty texture. Anything that’s flexible enough to smooth onto your face will work as a mask.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How To Get Rid Of Redness From Acne Fast

When looking into how can you get rid of acne, you will most definitely come across troubling redness caused by acne pimple growths. Redness caused by Rosacea, another skin condition which causes flushing of facial skin is sometimes mistaken as acne redness.
How To Get Rid Of Redness From Acne Fast

The redness caused by acne and pimples looks different compared to Rosacea. With acne redness, a red ring is formed surrounding an inflated pimple acne. Rosacea redness comes in patches, similar to blushing. Although it sometimes can appear as bumps, the bumps tend to be smaller.

Treating redness caused by acne is usually faster than you would take to cure acne. Care should be taken on how to cure acne. The best methods should resolve pimples in a way that will prevent acne scarring. Try these tricks to minimize redness caused by acne while finding the cure for acne and fading scars in the meantime.

To get rid of redness, you must avoid Benzoyl peroxide, Alpha hydroxy acids, minty ingredients (peppermint oil, cinnamon oil or menthol), Vitamin C in topical form (Consume orally instead), anti redness creams that have hydrocortisone (as it is temporary solution) and toner.

Granular exfoliating abrasive cleansing pillow are harsh to sensitive skin and would worsen inflammation cycle. Try removing dead skin using non-abrasive material like salicylic acid. Choose concealer with yellow tinted effect to mask redness effectively.

Spa treatments including facials, microdermabrasion, wax, sauna and steam can worsen the problem. However some dermatological procedures can effectively help you remove redness on face. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) as well as vascular laser treatments can eliminate broken blood vessels quickly.

Excess oil and pus fill a pimple, so it’s often swollen and extremely noticeable on the landscape of your face. When painful and swollen, you can rid pimples of their size by applying an ice cube to your skin. Ice cubes cause the matter inside the pimple to contract, resulting in a less-noticeable blemish that is more easily covered with makeup. Just wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and press gently to your pimple for a moment or two. You’ll need to repeat this process as the day goes on.

Another dead giveaway that your skin has been acting up are the angry red marks that act as a virtual billboard for acne. Pimples are irritated skin, and that irritation manifests as redness. A quick way to rid pimples of that redness is to dab on a small amount of hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone cream works by restricting the blood vessels in the skin, resulting in a less-red area on the face. Keep a tube handy and repeat as necessary. Applying a cream containing salicylic acid also helps to tame redness because it helps to clinically treat pimples.

Once you’ve reduced the size and the redness of your pimple, covering it is the best way to conceal the mark until it’s completely healed. Green makeup, though it may sound funny, is an excellent tool for neutralizing the pimple. Since red and green are opposite on the color wheel, green neutralizes redness before you apply your makeup. Apply a green cream concealer before you use foundation and powder to keep your pimple under wraps until it’s gone for good.

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Acne: What Is Acne and Why Do I Have It?

Acne is a common problem faced by the youth of today. Though acne is not limited to young people, it is most commonly seen among young people. Acne basically is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules. Acne enters its worst state when the papules get infected with bacteria and it becomes quite a painful experience then.
Acne: What Is Acne and Why Do I Have It?

The medical term for common acne is ‘acne vulgaris’ and it is considered as one of the most common skin diseases. It is estimated that almost 85% people develop acne some time between the ages of 11 and 25. Commonly acne arises at puberty and worsens during adolescence. In the current environmental condition even the new born babies are not safe from acne.

There are different amplitudes of the acne infection. If you have only one or two papules in total, what you have is a mild case of acne, but one thing to take care here is that you will have to apply the right medicine here in the beginning stage before it’s too late and you lose control over the whole situation. When you see one or two papules in your face remember that it is the starting stage and it can get worse if you neglect it and try to leave it alone thinking that it is going to disappear all by itself and everything is going to be ok.

In the moderate form of acne infection, almost half of your face gets covered with papules including blackheads whiteheads and comedones. In this stage the infection is not completely out of control but it is moderate. If you are in this situation, the best thing to do here is to consult a dermatologist without any delay. The treatment for moderate acne includes extraction or light therapy and a prescription treatment like an antimicrobial or retinoid cream. Sometimes, oral acne treatments or oral contraceptives have been known to work as well. One other problem is the scar it leaves behind even if it is completely cured. To avoid scars and black spots on the skin you should treat moderate acne as soon as possible.

The worst stage of acne infection is severe acne infection and this stage is characterized by large number of deep bigger and cyst like papules. Pain and irritation is common in this stage and these painful papules will cover the whole face in one or two weeks. Consulting a dermatologist is a must do here, sooner you can do this better it is for you and your face. Oral antibiotics and medications such as accutane may be used at this stage as well as drainage techniques and surgical incision, also known as Acne Surgery.

Injections of corticosteroids are also used as a treatment. Your dermatologist will apply the treatment that will match your stage of infection, severity and the nature of your skin. Acne treatment requires lots of patience as it sometimes take long periods to heal. One important thing is to keep your cool during the treatment and give your complete co operation to your dermatologist. Do not let those pimples overshadow your personality and be a blemish on your face. There is nothing incurable about it and what is important is the right treatment in the right time.

What Causes Acne

There are certain glands known as the sebaceous glands present just beneath the skin surface. The function of this gland is to produce a secretion called ‘sebum’ which helps to keep our skin and hairs flexible and soft. These glands are placed inside small follicles known as sebaceous follicles. This follicle’s opening lies in contact with the skin surface and it is through this openings the sebum reaches the hairs and skin. Normally only a sufficient amount of sebum is produced by the glands and the excess secretion is removed instantly. But under several situations large amount of sebum is produced by the glands and this is unwanted. There are several things which can trigger heavy sebum secretion. Increased amount of androgen hormone is one of those reasons. When sebum is produced heavily, the efficient removal of it from the pores becomes impossible or difficult. Additionally the cells lining the follicles shed quickly and accumulate in the follicle. The excess sebum then combines with these dead cells and form a plug or comedo. This accumulated substance which is a mixture of dead cells and sebum then blocks the pore of the follicles and cause a bulging which is visible in the skin surface, this is commonly referred to as whiteheads. This when turns black in color it is known as blackhead.

Infection results when a plugged follicle is infected by the bacteria. A bacterium named Propionibacterium acnes is most common. Other micro organisms can also invade the plugged follicle and cause infection.

Friday, December 7, 2018

natural remedies for acne on the face

Acne is one of the most embarrassing skin problems most people face. And in an effort to treat this problem and prevent future outbreaks, many people seek out medications and other products to help combat the problem. However, some medications can have unwanted side effects or can simply be too strong for some people, given the powerful chemicals present in some acne remedies. Therefore, many people also look for natural acne remedies in addition to (or as a replacement for) traditional acne medications.

Acne is something that most people face, either as infants, teens or adults. Even though it is most common on the face, it can also show up on the back, the neck, the chest or anywhere else on the body. Luckily there are several natural acne remedies available for today's health-conscious consumer, including several skin cleansers that contain benzyl peroxide as a primary ingredient.
natural remedies for acne on the face

Nutritional Supplements
There are nutritional supplements that also might help in defeating acne. For instance, vitamin A is thought to help decrease the level of production of sebum, which makes it an excellent nutritional supplement for acne sufferers as well. In fact, there are gels and creams that are made with modified forms of vitamin A. However, as always, you can have too much of a good thing and too much vitamin A can cause decreased bone density among other side effects so be sure to only take the recommended daily amount.

Zinc is also thought to have some powerful acne-fighting effects. Zinc has been shown to help heal blotches and decrease inflammation caused by acne. In addition, it may also help in lowering hormone levels affecting the skin, one of the primary causes of acne.

Healthy Eating
Eating right can help reduce your acne as well, at least according to some research. Some information suggests that focusing your diet on whole foods rather than processed foods can help curb acne development, not to mention that it's probably better for you all around. The typical advice you probably got in health class applies for healthy eating to prevent acne as well. This includes taking in at least 5 servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit everyday. Foods rich in omega 3 oils are also a good bet. And of course, lots of water but that goes without saying.

Herbal Remedies
Finally, there are a number of herbal remedies that can be used as part of your acne-fighting regimen. Most notable is the combination of extracts of sarsaparilla, cleavers, burdock and yellow dock which has other helpful properties for the body in addition to helping fight acne.

Alternative acne treatments that work

Different reasons are said to cause acne. According to the Chine, formation of acne is due to impure blood. Chinese believe that toxicity and heat in the blood stream causes acne. Whereas some view that acne is caused due to improper digestion. They say that due to poor digestion poisons are created and are discharged into the skin that leads to the formation of acne treatments. Some foods are also proposed to cause acne as foods like garlic, coffee, or spicy foods results in the building up of body heat.
Alternative acne treatments that work

Some vitamins are included more for maintaining an acne free skin. Consumption of vitamin A gives a healthy skin and should be consumed in plenty. Zinc can be included as it helps in healing the skin quickly and it also reduces hormonal imbalance. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential as they maintain cell membranes and helps in transporting nutrients to the cells. Acidophilus capsules can be used as it helps in digestion. Menstruation problems can cause acne. Vitamin B-6 can be use in to check the formation of bacteria that leads to acne.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are alpha hydroxyl acids and is plenty in citrus fruits. These acids present in the citrus fruits can lessen the formation of the dead skin cells. Lemon is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and can be applied on to the skin. But lemon juice may give a “burning” sensation to the skin so instead of applying it directly onto the skin lemon juice can be mixed up with the water and can be applied on the face. If one has sensitive skin the water added to the lemon juice should be more to minimize the “burning” sensation.

Herbalists instead of using single things also tries to concoct things and use it as pimple alternative treatments. Some suggests intake of evening prime rose oil or black current seed oil where as others recommend the intake of teas with Echinacea or goldenseal. Another important factor in the alternative treatment for acne is that attention is given to the body also and regular exercise and relaxation are suggested to keep the body at its peak.

There is a controversy regarding the effect of alternative acne acne treatments especially with the doctors, but as far as the treatment is concerned the success, the effect and the period of time taken to cure acne varies between persons and the treatment purely depends on the individuals and the degree of acne they are suffering from.

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powerful acne removal tips natural

We know how you feel! Having an acne problem can severely harm your self confidence and can cause issues when forced to socially interact. Acne can occur at the worst of times -- it can appear days before a wedding, public speech or any other event where appearance is of utmost importance.

Fortunately, there are many methods that are proven to quickly remove acne. While remedies and creams have saturated the market claiming to permanently rid of acne, their results are generally varied and can take months before users start seeing results. Below, we have reviewed the top 3 products for natural acne removal and ranked them in order of overall success and efficiency.
powerful acne removal tips natural

#1 - Acne Free in 3 Days
Acne Free in 3 Days, written by Chris Gibson, is without doubt the best guide to curing acne. It scores full marks for all of our marking criteria.

As a ten year sufferer himself, Chris offers his exclusive and natural technique that completely cured his acne in only three days. Furthermore, his acne disappeared and never returned.

Acne Free in 3 Days is a huge seller and has seen fantastic results from almost all buyers. While users of Chris' technique may not see results as quick as 3 days, it is certainly much faster than any other curing method available. The large majority of users have reported that their acne completely disappears within the first 1-2 weeks.

Chris Gibson is a trusted professional on the subject. He appeared on "The A Channel Morning Show", an internationally televised show to discuss Acne Free in 3 Days and the benefits it offers to acne sufferers.

Acne Scar Removal
A small majority of acne sufferers are left with scars if the acne isn't properly treated. While there are many methods available for curing current acne, those with scars will have to take more extreme methods to remove them. This includes chemical peels, punch grafts, laser skin resurfacing, collagen injections and more. To learn more, join the Acne Removal Tips email series by filling in your details in the form above.

#2 - Acne No More
Acne No More was written by Mike Walden, a medical researcher and certified nutritionist. It is a fantastic, easy to read guide that explains a proven acne curing system in full detail. Features included in the guide are:
- The top ten foods to eat that promote clear and healthy skin.
- Exclusive "secrets" that the skin-care industry doesn't want you to know.
- How to improve the vitality and texture of your skin.
- The 100% natural hormonal balancing supplement to cure your acne.

#3 - Acne Cured - The eBook

Acne Cured - The eBook was written by a number of professionals at Clear Solutions Research, Inc. While there are no bonuses included in the purchase (unlike the two solutions above), it outlines an easy to follow program to cure acne in a matter of weeks.

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Can Lifestyle Changes Help Prevent and Treat Acne?

Acne Treatment via Lifestyle Changes

Acne is by no means a small problem. It’s a complicated issue that normally takes a complete and detailed treatment plan before you start seeing results. However, this doesn’t mean that treating it is impossible. On the contrary, once you get to understand the whole concept behind acne, you will find the best treatment methods which also include prevention and aftercare. There are also quite a number of things that you can get to learn that can help you get rid of the problem. These include things such as making lifestyle changes.
Can Lifestyle Changes Help Prevent and Treat Acne?

On the other hand, when looking for tips and advice on the internet, you have to realize that not all of them work. This is especially since the severe of the condition differs in different individuals and also the skin types differ making it hard to have universal treatment options. In spite of these, maintain a positive attitude and become proactive in trying to get rid of the acne.

As initially mentioned, one of the most important tips that can help you prevents and control acne is lifestyle change. There are things that you may be doing on a daily basis that may be enhancing your acne without even your realization. This is because the condition is not just affected by our internal environs but also the external. You need to watch your day to day activities and establish what you could be doing to aggravate the condition. This will help you in identifying what to do to get rid of it and prevent another outbreak.

One of the things that may be affecting your skin is smoking. If you want to get rid of your acne problems then you need to give up this habit since it’s not good for you. As you may already know, too much oil can clog your pores and cause acne. What you may not know is that the smoke can also lead to the production of too much oil. In addition, in itself the smoke can also be the reason behind the clogging of the pores due to its toxic nature. This definitely worsens the acne. This habit also takes a toll on your overall health therefore further affecting the skin. If you manage to kick it, you will see some really good positive changes when it comes to your acne condition.

Another habit that may have a negative impact on your skin is sun bathing or spending too much time in the sun. Most people believe that tanning is good but what most don’t realize is that it’s risky for the skin. The sun will make your skin dry and may also cause cracks. When the skin is dry, it is more likely to produce more oil so as to combat the dryness. This excessive oil is also likely to cause clogging of the pores then bring about acne. The dryness also causes the increase of dead skin cells which may also cause the clogging of the pores. With the heat from the sun, the bacteria in the clogged pores will grow and spread even faster. In addition, spending too much time in the sun can also bring bout pre-mature aging by causing wrinkle lines and in worst case scenario, cause cancer. If you are forced to spend too much time in the sun, minimize these effects by using sun screen.

Lack of exercise is also not good for your skin. If you have acne, you have to try exercising. This is one of the best ways to help open up your pores. This also helps in maintaining the overall health of the body and mind which is vital for good skin. There is a popular misconception that when you exercise and sweat that this will make your skin dirty. Actually, the sweating is good for your skin. It is a way of flushing out the toxins and leaving the skin feeling and looking healthy. Exercise will also prompt you to drink water which is great for your skin. Ensure that you stay active and you will see some changes in the appearance of your sin.

Apart from exercise, you should also start eating healthy so to get rid of the acne. Eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water. However, one thing that you should be aware of is that no particular food causes directly causes acne. There can be allergies that cause rushes but not quite acne. Many people believe that eating oily foods can cause acne. There are however arguments that this can only be so if you touch your face with the oil after eating the food. However, this doesn’t mean that you stop eating healthy. This is still a perquisite for good healthy skin.

In spite of the fact that your acne may not be caused by specific food, this doesn’t mean that you should now stop eating healthy .Eating a well-balanced diet is vital for good health. Good health will also be reflected on your skin. Therefore if you want good healthy skin, you have to eat healthy.

Try and make this lifestyle changes for healthy skin and also as a remedy for acne. No matter what treatment options you use, if you don’t change your lifestyle, they may not be quite effective.

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Using Water To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne treatment using water

The best acne treatment actually takes place in three key stages. There is the preventative stage, the treatment stage and the aftercare. All these three stages play a significant role. The first stage which involves the prevention of a breakout can help keep the whole problem from occurring entirely. However, this is not always possible. There are times when acne and pimples may occur no matter what preventative measures are taken. In addition, they may start occurring under the surface for weeks before finally becoming visible. This makes it hard to prevent them. It can also be really stressful when this happens.
Using Water To Get Rid Of Acne

There are quite a number of factors that lead to the outbreak of the acne. Some of these factors include things that occur on the skin such as clogging of pores. These can be caused by dirt, sebum or even dead cells. Although these all occur on the same, there are caused by internal conditions. You can prevent them from occurring simply by drinking water.

This water works internally to help with your secretions. It helps in ensuring that everything is balanced and that way, you won’t have excess oils or sebum secretions. In addition, the water that you drink will go a long way in helping the skin stay moisturized and looking healthy. Water also helps in the general body health of an individual. This is why it is always recommended that you drink plenty of water every single day. It is especially recommended that you take at least 8 glasses of water each day.

It is also highly recommended that you don’t drink all this water at a single go. For this to work, you should space out the number of glasses that you drink. This will ensure that you are well hydrated throughout the day. You can try and drink just a glass of water each hour of the day. It is also recommended that you drink water after exercising. This will help in replenishing the water lost through perspiration. This will help you stay hydrated. Remember, hydration is vital for the skin to remain moisturized and looking healthy at all times.

Apart from drinking the water, you can also use it on your skin to prevent and manage acne. However, an important aspect to note is that whereas plenty of water is good for the internal processes, using it externally may not be necessarily good. In addition, using plain water on your face will not help it much especially if you are trying to get your skin moisturized.

You should also be wary of using hot water to wash your face since it can get rid of the moisture from your skin making your face drier. Contrary to popular concepts, dry skin is not the opposite of the oily skins. It doesn’t mean that your skin is any healthier. As a matter of fact, this is actually worse. It can result in the skin becoming oiler so as to combat the condition. This then results in a fresh outbreak of acne. If you want to wash your face, use a skin cleanser and also ensure that the water that comes into contact with your skin is warm.

In addition, to ensure that your skin remains clean, ensure that you wash your face at least twice each day. The best way to do this is to wash it in the morning then again in the evening before going to sleep. Do this very gently without scrubbing your face as this will only damage your skin further. To ensure that the face becomes clean, ensure that you use a nice mild soap. Use the circular motion technique when doing the washing and avoid the up-down motions. When it comes to drying the face after washing, pat it down with a clean towel. You should not attempt to rub your face with a towel as this will damage your skin and spread the present infections.

Apart from drinking water, there are a number of products that can be used externally to help with the moisturizing of the skin. However, for good results, you have to ensure that you find the right kind of moisturizing products. This is because some of them actually contain alcohol and may actually drain the moisture from your skin dehydrating it. You should also stay away from soaps which may have that effect on your skin too. Avoid harsh scented soaps that may damage the skin instead of helping it.

Other useful tips that can help you take care of your skin include avoiding touching your face regularly. This normally encourages the spread of germs from your hands to the sensitive skin on your face. The germs and dirt that you transfer from your hand will then clog your pores. This starts the cycle of spreading acne and leading to fresh breakouts. This is also the reason why it is advisable to keep hair completely out of the face. This is because the dirt and oils from the hair may also result to the clogging of the pores.

On the same note, avoid any temptation to pop the pimples on your face. This leads to scarring and also spread of the infections. In addition, the popping is only a temporary solution. It never really works at all. Remember to practice these tips on daily basis and before you know it you will experience dramatic changes with your skin. As always we recommend that you speak to a medical professional before using any skin product or embarking on any medical or treatment program for your skin.